UCD’s Guanajuato disclaims liability for employment fraud in Canada

The UCD leader in Guanajuato cited the former director of the UCD office in Abasolo as one of those responsible for the fraud

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Salvaterra.- UCD leader in Guanajuato, Francisco Escobar OsorneoHe has distanced himself from any institutional relationship with Miguel Angel Leon. He is accused in some municipalities of Guanajuato of being responsible for fraud against citizens who promised legal work abroad.

Escobar Osorneo explained that this subject, accused of fraud, has been the head of the UCD office in the Abasolo municipality for 7 years. Besides him, a woman named Josephina, whom he did not know, was accused of having had nothing to do with the UCD.

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He explained that for a long time there had been verbal complaints about wrongdoing by Miguel Angel Leon. He was required to work according to the law, but since he did not understand, it was decided to expel him on July 5.

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She’s just a bitch, she denounces

The UCD leader in Guanajuato commented that he is not fully aware of the whole problem, since most of the information so far has come from the media. In the same way, he finds out about the matter, but considers, according to his experience, that Miguel Angel Leon is nothing but a prostitute and is part of a network of fraudsters. Benefiting from those seeking to migrate in search of better paid employment.

For this reason, he stated that by misusing the image and name of the organization, they will proceed to report it to the Public Prosecution Office. However, he made it clear that the fraud case had to be polarized even by the attorney general’s office. This is to the extent that free legal advice is given to affected people to confront these scammers.

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“People who were defrauded refer to the organization because Miguel Angel Leon, who insisted he is no longer part of the UCD, asked them for money. We spoke with Miguel Angel Leon and asked him to separate himself from the organization and take personal responsibility.”

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Provide tips to avoid fraud

Finally, Francisco Escobar shared some clues so as not to be fooled. For example, UCD offers a liaison service with recruits from Canada who are interviewing in Mexico City. Only for interested registration, 300 pesos dollars are charged. This may include processing a non-criminal record letter or birth certificate, among other documents. People are only required to have copies of their personal documents.

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On the contrary, if these types of job offers are found and from the start they are charging huge amounts of money, in addition to the original documents, then it is definitely a scam.

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