Alert in Germany: More than 2,000 cases of monkeypox have already been recorded | Most of those infected are men.

cases monkey pox In Germany reached more than 2000 Two months after the first cases of the disease were recorded, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported today.

And as the government agency in charge of controlling infectious diseases reported on its website, There are 2,033 affected in Germany, with the exception of four women, all other cases have been reported in men.

“The infections in this outbreak as far as we know so far, They occur primarily in the context of sexual activities, particularly among men who have sexual contacts with other men”RKI told the DPA.

“Essentially anyone who has close physical contact with an infected person can get it,” he added. According to the RKI, the disease It is mild in most people and usually goes away on its own. But serious conditions are possible, especially in children or people with weakened immune systems.

According to an announcement by the RKI and health authorities, the risk of infection can be reduced by limiting the number of sexual partners.

They also warned Condoms can reduce the risk of infectionBut it does not prevent transmission through the skin if a skin disease is present.

Authorities recommend anyone with monkeypox to refrain from sexual intercourse, close contact and kissing.

WHO expert Santiago Mas Coma stated that He doesn’t think it would take long for an organism to “declare” monkeypox a pandemic. He was pessimistic in the short term about fighting the disease because “Cases do not stop rising every day” and “They have already reached Asia.”

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