UA hosts the presentation of the Spanish Association for the Advancement of Science

for you. The University of Alicante celebrates the conference “A bridge to the encounter between science and society”, in order to present the Spanish Association for the Advancement of Science (AEAC). The event will take place in Next Monday, November 14, at 12 noon, in the Alfredo Orts grading hall (Optics Building).

The program will feature various members of the Spanish Association for the Advancement of Science’s Board of Directors and its Advisory Board to address the AEAC’s cause, goals and purposes, the history of science and scientific culture in the association and its views on the future.

Organized by the College of Science AEAC and UA Divulga, Unit for Scientific Culture and Innovation (UCC+I) that relies on the Office of the Vice President for Transportation, Innovation and Scientific Publishing, the session is part of scheduled events around Saint Albert the Great 2022, the patron saint of science. Free entry, until the room capacity is full, can also be followed live through video broadcasts.


Maria Carmen Andrade Perdrix, Vice President of AEAC. Doctor of Industrial Chemistry, Visiting Professor at the International Center for Numerical Methods of Engineering in Barcelona.

Maria Ángeles Gallego Garcia, a member of the AEAC. Researcher at the Institute of Language and Culture for the Mediterranean and Near East.

Francisco A Gonzalez Redondo, a member of the AEAC. Scholar and Distributor, Professor of History of Science in the College of Education at the University of North Carolina.

Emilio Munoz RuizChairman of the AEAC Advisory Board. Former President of CSIC, Professor Emeritus associated with the CSIC Institute of Philosophy and Professor Emeritus of the CTS Research Unit at CIEMAT.

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Alberto Ruiz Jimeno, a member of the AEAC. Associate Professor at the Institute of Physics of Cantabria (CSIC-University of Cantabria) and former Vice-Chancellor for Doctoral Studies at the University of Cantabria.

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