TORRIJO DE LA CAÑADA, covering his phone to the foot pedals and Bob Dylan’s concert

No, this is not a sensationalist title for those who are spread out there and are just seeking to put the algorithm on their side to get good ad rooms. There are only three terms that, if well affixed to an informative burlap sewing needle, would make an amazing stitch possible: “Bob Dylan can play in Torrejo de la Cañada (Zaragoza)”.

news huh? Yes. could. Another thing is that he will, and that this no longer depends so much on the will of the artist as on the greed of investors who run the new live music bubble. And we say we can do it because in Torrijo de la Cañada we fulfill one of the conditions that the singer and Nobel Prize winner for literature demands on his next tour of the peninsula in 2023: the public cannot use mobile phones. Since we’re in our own town, we’re used to leaving it at home because the coverage works like a high tide system, only at dawn and if there aren’t many users connected, it makes us a perfect audience for an event. In general, a hidden photo that we will certainly take with a Minnesota man would not be useful to us if it could not be hosted later on a social network, and the irony of attending a concert for which we could not buy a ticket because of a digital blackout can happen. That which hangs above our heads is therefore imposed upon us.

And it is that in the age of communications, wireless information pulses and the Internet of Things, the “Spain full of possibilities” in which we live, and especially our people, seems to be reserved for us the role of the digital class amusement park with all its inconveniences.

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Since we do most administrative procedures across the network, imagine the odyssey of facing a banking procedure with the physical office closed 6 days a week, if not 7, and a digital alternative that forces us to do it diligently at dawn, treacherously and at night to avoid the collapse of the network and the anxiety of not knowing what If the unreliable MB has adhered to our mandate. Or ask for a medical appointment when the landline phone doesn’t work, a condition that happens quite often, and fiber optics is a near-revelatory illusion that doesn’t even allow you to properly fill an electronic prescription at the pharmacy. I don’t even tell you when you want to sell your virtual business products and they expire on the shelf waiting for digital commerce to consider R+D+I for homers. And let’s not even talk about the difficulty, if not impossible, of accessing entertainment and cultural material distributed mostly through the Internet, which, while it may seem trivial to some, we also need to cater to the interests of the soul.

And so everything. and while the gentlemen of telecommunications reduce their bad and sometimes non-existent services to occasional deductions on our savings book, which there never fails, before the negative view of some competent authorities on this matter which would make the conduct of this business ugly and encourage finding a solution. That it is from here, Torrijo de la Cañada, and in general, from that “needy and eager-to-please Spain” that we live in, that we are already asking for a firm and final suture to bridge the digital divide we suffer and banish from the world, so that a simple phone call or digital management does not turn into a headache or frustration or worse, neglect.

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As long as, forcing us into an increasingly outdated ‘elasticity’, we will continue to carry on this communication with imaginative resources like Silbo Gomero, sending small napatas through Manubles as watermail, ringing dots and dashes of Morse code in the formation of our balconies, using the postman as herald for our despatched correspondence, or, as always, to send the boy from one side to the other with the letter while, on the other hand, the bowl clock agonizes by turning without ever reaching the double check

Oh, consider our suggestion, Mr. Bob Dylan, that with the digital cloud the weatherman announces to us, his “answer, buddy, blow in the wind” would be a real song, and it wouldn’t be an efficient fiber optic and a working phone couldn’t bother him, because These possibilities and ends here are but abstract entities comparable to Cortazar’s cronopios, the unicorns of Narnia or the gamusinos of Ladera de las Bodegas de Torrijo de la Cañada.

Luther Blissett. Torigano incommunicado.

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