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The United States and Venezuela are in talks and both are making their demands. theadministration President Joe Biden would be willing to lift the sanctions imposed on Caracas if the Chavista would agree to “free and fair elections”.

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Senior officials from both countries, including the president of Venezuela’s Congress, Jorge Rodriguez, are taking part in the initial talks, according to people familiar with the process, who asked not to be identified.

These statements were reported by the news agency bloombergThis confirms that Washington put forward the idea of ​​easing sanctions against it to convince regime For President Nicolás Maduro to hold option competitive presidency The year 2024 and the release of political prisoners.

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The sanctions have exacerbated Venezuela’s economic and humanitarian crisis by impeding oil sales, even though they have failed to achieve their original goal of ousting Maduro. If an agreement is reached, the United States will grant license to temporarily lift some or all of the sanctions against Venezuela.

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According to the news agency, the talks represent the first big opportunity to ease restrictions, most of which were implemented by the administration of former President Donald Trump, which took a hardline approach to the socialist government.

Maduro, who has been in power since 2013, is expected to run for a third term next year. However, it has not yet set a date for the vote or invite foreign observers.

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It is unclear when, if possible, an agreement will be reached, and much will depend on the actions of the Maduro regime, according to the agency. The government took a series of anti-democratic measures, including the exclusion of opposition candidates such as María Corina Machado.

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“If Venezuela takes concrete steps to restore democracy, leading to free and fair elections, we stand ready to mitigate corresponding sanctions,” said Adrienne Watson, a spokeswoman for the White House National Security Council, in a written response to questions from the White House National Security Council. bloomberg.

Any agreement will come at a critical time, as Venezuela will soon announce a new electoral council tasked with overseeing the elections. Press officials of the Venezuelan presidency and Jorge Rodriguez did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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