The comedy that brought Agent Stone down on Netflix and became the most watched in Argentina

he Netflix catalog Continuously renewed and giant subscribers flow They can enjoy the most dramatic genres, suspense and horror, between comedy and psychological thriller. in the last days, A film based on family relationships was shown on the platform, which managed to position itself as the most watched in Argentina take off production starring Gal Gadot, Agent Stone: what is he talking about.

Gal Gadot starred in Agent Stone

He is Half-brotherAmerican film directed by Luke Greenfield which was filmed between Mexico and the United States and stars Luis Gerardo Mendez, Conor Del Rio and Juan Pablo Espinosa. Although the production premiered in December 2020, in recent days it has reached Netflix and has become the most watched film in Argentina, achieving great success among its subscribers.

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Half Brothers premiered in December 2020 and recently arrived on Netflix

Renato Murguia [Méndez] He is about to get married and own a successful company in Mexico, but he receives an unexpected call one day before the wedding celebration: His father is very ill and he only has a few hours to live. In the midst of trying to resolve the childhood trauma of being abandoned, he decides to travel to the United States to hear his last words.

Thus, the son knows from his father [Espinosa] He was with his new American partner, Asher [Del Río]. toBoth of them will take a trip through different cities and towns, which will lead them to try to understand the reasons why their father raised them in different ways. Find out what path the man has taken all these years.

The movie, which is 96 minutes long, It tops Netflix’s rankings in Argentina, though it continues to top the global chart Agent StoneIt is an action movie starring Gal Gadot, which garnered more than 33 million views in one week.

Gal Gadot revealed her favorite movie that was made in Argentina

the film starring gal gadot, Agent Stonebecame a hit on Netflix.

The actress played the role of Rachel Stone, a member of the Secret Service who goes undercover on a mission to protect a very valuable item to save the world. before the start of the strike SAG-AFTRA Actors and ActressesHe revealed his favorite production, which is of Argentine origin.

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Gal Gadot has revealed that one of her favorite films is an Argentinian film

In an interview with the journalist Augustine MHe expressed, and he was the one who participated in revealing the actress through social networking sites; “Did you know that one of my favorite films is from Argentina?”. Quickly, the announcer asked, “Which one?”

The actress is described as “magnificent.” Wild tales (2014) And he sent a direct message to his manager, saying, “Damien Zifron, I would like to work with you.”

Immediately, social media users praised the director’s production, in which the Israeli actress played the title role. “I need this pair now“It’s going to be crazy,” warned one. Another said.


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