This is the most beautiful girl name in the world according to science (and it sounds pretty in Catalan)

Whenever the pregnancy is announced, the question is repeated: “What will they name the baby?” The answer to this question is not always and oftentimes easy Catalan parents have a hard time trying to find the perfect name. However, science can provide a solution.

For a long time, It has been a matter of debate whether some names are more aesthetically appealing than others. Scientific research has shown that there are indeed names that are perceived as prettier when spoken out loud.

A study conducted a few years ago by My 1st Years in collaboration with the University of Birmingham set out to tackle this conundrum. Through surveys and analyzes among the brand’s clients, it was possible to identify names for the girls They have a greater aesthetic resonance linguistically.

Thus, according to the findings of this research, it was found that the most charming name for girls is Sophia. In Catalan it sounds very melodious and beautiful. Sophia comes from the Greek and means “Those with wisdom.” The Catalan version is Sofia and she looks just as beautiful. Do you agree with this opinion?

List of 20 most beautiful names in the world (with their meanings)

Among the list of the most attractive names for girls, So is Sofia (the English version of Sofia), The following names were in the top twenty list:

  • Zoe: a name likely of Greek origin and means “life”.
  • RosieA diminutive of the rose, the name of the flower.
  • Sufi: French version of Sofia.
  • ivyIt is of English origin and means ivy.
  • vibeOf Greek origin, meaning bright, pure.
  • purpleIt comes from the Latin word “viola,” a flower that symbolizes humility and balance.
  • willowIt is a willow known for its graceful branches and leaves.
  • Hannah: The name comes from the Hebrew word henna and means “favor” and “grace”.
  • Eli: at first short for Elizabeth, but has established itself as a standalone name.
  • EvelynA name of Hebrew origin meaning “the source of life”, “the one who gives breath”.
  • rose: the name of the flower.
  • Eliza: zoom out Elizabeth
  • EveIt is of Hebrew origin and means life.
  • ChloeIt is of Greek origin and means flower, fertile, or green sprout.
  • Penelope: a masculine noun of Greek origin derived from the term “penne” which means “that which weaves good fabrics”.
  • Lucy: that comes from Lucia.
  • Ruby: literally means “red”.
  • lilyIt means “beautiful as a lily”.
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Names banned in Catalonia

Your son or daughter cannot be registered under any name, In accordance with Article 54 of the Spanish Civil Registry Code of June 8, 1957. This law, subject to updates, protects minors from potential threats or ridicule.

Thus, there are many names that are not well regarded for their negative connotations or associations with historical figures who committed malicious acts in the past. Examples of this include: Lucifer, Osama bin Laden, Stalin, Hitler, Loco, Kaka and Faun.

However, the regulation did not specify specific names, but rather stipulated that those names be prohibited “Objectively harming, misidentifying, or misleading a person about their gender.” In this sense, regulations remain in place to ensure the well-being of infants.

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