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signature a Agreement between the National Bank of Genetic Data (BNDG) and the Superior School of Medicine of the National University of Mar del Plata (UNMDP).

On this occasion, Director and Deputy Managing Director of BNDG, Mariana Herrera Pinheiro and Carlos Galassi; the university’s president, Alfredo Remo Lazaretti; and interim director of the Graduate School of Medicine, Adrian Eduardo Alacino.

an agreement Its purpose is to develop scientific and technological institutional cooperation activities between the two organizations; In addition to training and advisory activities of interest to institutions.

Directors visited Grandma Lida Barrero and his son Fabian, who are still looking for a grandson or granddaughter born in captivity. In addition, Dr. Herrera Pinheiro participated in a special category The topic of bioethics and human rights is titled “Science and Identity: The Genetic Database Applied to Identify Disappeared Persons and Restore Identities.” In it, he highlighted the importance of state policies in returning identities: “I am interested in reflecting on the duty of states to provide an answer to people looking for their relatives. In this, Argentina has been a pioneer.”

To close out their visit to the city, the principals attended the second edition of The International Higher Education Exhibition in Argentina (FIESA), designed to highlight higher education internationally, create networks of cooperation between participants, innovate, learn and develop values ​​that allow creating a platform for communication with the world. There they shared a few moments, together Adriana MetzGrandmothers in the Plaza de Mayo of Mar del Plata.

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