This is the first image of what will be the new Instagram Twitter

Threads is the general name for the new application the company is developing. (Unsplash)

During an employee meeting, manager Goal View a screenshot of the project the company is working on to get their own copy of it Twitter with instagram.

Image detected by the edgethe mediator who was present at the event, and left several clues about what this service is, which is currently called Project 92, as it has not been officially confirmed by the company.

At the meeting, the manager called this project “our response to Twitter” and it seems that in the pictures it will not be an Instagram add-on, but a separate application or service that will use the account system of this platform.

said the company’s product manager GoalChris Cox, responsible for giving information to workers.

Threads is the general name for the new application the company is developing. (Unsplash)
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With this new platform, Cox says the company wants to provide “security, ease of use, and reliability” and ensure that creators have “a consistent place to build and grow their audience.”

The project has progressed to the point where there are already public figures committed to using the app, among those named DJ Slime, Opera and the Dalai Lama.

The manager commented that development work started in January and that the company’s goal is to have the app available “as soon as possible”.

Another important point that was mentioned in the meeting is that the internal name at the moment is Project 92, but the general name that the platform could have is threadsis completely independent and uses ActivityPub, a decentralized social networking protocol, which would allow users of the new app to keep track of all the followers they have. Instagram.

Threads is the general name for the new application the company is developing.

In the filtered image you can see a nice aesthetic resemblance to Twitterwith the home page where you can see comments from other accounts and on each post buttons to interact with them to comment, like, share or repeat.

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You will also see an options menu at the bottom to access different options such as search, profile, notification section, and hub for creating a post.

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On the main screen, the message appears: What do you want? (What do you think?) And at the bottom is the account opening button associated with your opinion Instagram.

one of the jobs that Mark Zuckerberg Wants to bring to these platforms is included artificial intelligence agentswho will have different personalities and abilities to help or entertain users.

This option will come first The WhatsApp And messengerAlthough information has been leaked about the Instagram chatbot, which will have the ability to develop up to 30 different personalities and the user will choose the one they want to chat with.

This type of chatbot has become popular on online platforms such as Personal, but not included in such a huge app as these two from Meta, which has millions of users around the world. So it is a way to bring text generators to mobile phones, since only chat available at iPhone.

In addition to the idea of ​​including AI agents, Goal It is also testing other generative AI options. On Instagram, a function is being developed that allows you to create stickers through text in a chat.

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