This is how they prepare the chimps in the Ecopark to be taken to a sanctuary in the UK

Sasha and Kangoo are trained to take them to the Primate Sanctuary

Sasha24 years old, and her son kangarooamong the 15, will be the chimpanzees that live in Buenos Aires Ecopark Transfer in the coming weeks to Monkey World Monkey Rescue Centerlocated in Longthorns, Warhamen United Kingdom, a few kilometers from London. With this flight, there will be 927 animals acquired from 2016.

Mother and son were born in captivity in the old zoo: Sasha was born on September 17, 1997, and Kango, who was born on April 27, 2007; And since the end of 2021, preparations for this trip have been made. Posthumous transfer plan activated in February 2021 MartinSasha’s partner and father to Kangoo, who was 51 years old and looked lifeless in his enclosure.

Faced with the next flight, the primates receive a varied diet based on fruits (sometimes in juice or juice form), vegetables, eggs, seeds and even insects, which are always presented in a way that challenges their cognitive abilities, such as, for example, hidden with some utensils to get them, according to reports. from Ecopark.

Currently, they are both in good health, receive periodic medical examinations under training, and have an exemplary interaction with their caregivers and They accept to receive from them and the veterinarians indications and treatments through positive reinforcement (award) for it.

“We are pleased to announce that two chimpanzees were born and raised in the former Buenos Aires Zoo, They will be free, have fun and play in one of the finest nature reserves in the world”, said Felipe Miguel, Chief of Staff of the City of Buenos Aires.

Kangoo and Sasha at the property that will occupy them for a few more weeks (Ecopark)

The official mentioned itThis release is part of the paradigm shift we are encouraging with the transformation of Ecopark.”. In addition to raising awareness of biodiversity and concern for the environment, We are working to refer animals that live in conditions to nature reserves“, he added.

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For her part, Buenos Aires Minister of Environment, Ines Jorbia, expressed her happiness, saying: “This relocation is a symbol because Both Sasha and Kangoo never left the park, and with this work, we are giving them new opportunities to live better.”

The official also stressed the new meaning they intend to give to the ecological park. “For us and our youth, it is necessary to give this space a new role: to generate environmental education, develop species conservation programs, and ensure a better future for young and healthy animals. For this, Each of the diversions fills us with emotion and brings us closer to the idea of ​​Ecoparque that we are showing” He expressed.

It was also part of the ad Federico Iglesiashead of Ecopark, who explained that “chimpanzees are very social. Transporting them means a new challenge because they have always lived together. We had to wait for the opportunity to transport them safely, and while this was happening, we greatly improved their stay by adapting their environments and enhancing their cognitive health through different species of environmental enrichment.

Kangoo and Sasha (Ecopark)
Kangoo and Sasha (Ecopark)

chimpanzee They currently live in four different environmentsA management area, an open courtyard and two patio-type wintering areas, all equipped with ropes that allow climbing and moving with perches in height, allowing for behaviors typical of the species. Indoor environments have heating systems.

Until February 2021, the chimpanzee family was also made up of Martin, who was rescued from Cutini Zoo and found dead in the cage he shared with Sasha and Kangoo. The transfer was not possible for him because, they argued from the entity, he was an elderly animal and they could not refer him to a shelter because the trip would endanger his life. Also, they argued that They couldn’t separate the familySo, his partner and son stay with him for the rest of his life.

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How will the conversion be?

Chimps will enter for training in transport boxes designed and built specifically for this trip. And that they entered Ecopark in December 2021. Once inside, they will travel in a car to Ezeiza and then take a flight to Heathrow International Airport in the UK. At that destination, they will be trucked to the sanctuary, which is located about 170 km away in the town of Longthorns, Wareham. The trip is scheduled for the last week of August or the first week of September.

In addition, their caretaker and a veterinarian will accompany them; And three people will be in charge of the Sanctuary with Sasha and Kangoo throughout the trip. To give them greater security, they will travel awake and will be given food and water occasionally when possible.

Sasha during training to receive medications and routine medical monitoring of transport (Ecoparque)
Sasha during training to receive medications and routine medical monitoring of transport (Ecoparque)

Regarding sanitary requirements related to transport, the International Veterinary Certificate (CVI) has already been approved for the export of chimpanzees from the Argentine Republic to the United Kingdom, which has been agreed upon by the health enforcement authorities of both countries.

“By international veterinary certification, it has been established that all chimpanzee specimens transferred from the Argentine Republic to the United Kingdom must undergo a quarantine process in controlled sanitary conditions before being transported. Therefore, the chimpanzees are in a period of quarantine prior to their transfer to Monkey World, which began in July 19, 2022,” according to Ecoparque.

shrine Monkey World Monkey Rescue Center It has operated since 1987 and has assisted 28 governments around the world with CITES animal seizures, and/or assisted in cases of animal cruelty or neglect. The people who created it have rescued more than 75 chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) and currently include more than 200 animals from more than 20 species of primates.

The Ape Rescue Center has been operating in the world of monkeys since 1987 (the world of monkeys)
The Ape Rescue Center has been operating in the world of monkeys since 1987 (the world of monkeys)

Many animals living in the world of monkeys have been rescued from conditions of abuse or neglect.and suffer from a variety of physical and/or psychological health conditions that are treated at the shelter.

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In the sanctuary, They will be able to share the same space with other members of their gender, after their corresponding adaptation period. This represents a significant improvement in animal welfare,” Iglesias added.

The process of integrating new members into chimpanzee groups in the sanctuary is gradual. There, they are separated into different groups and each lives in a different environment, which contains several bedrooms that can be isolated from the rest of the environment.

By having so many bedrooms, environments have great flexibility when introducing new members to groups.

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