The French opposition filed two motions of censure after Macron’s decision to force pension reform

Members of the French parliament hold up placards rejecting pension reform, while Elisabeth Bourne waits for Macron’s chief of staff to start defending the implementation of the decree (Reuters/Pascal Rossignol)

On Friday, independent MPs announced the submission of two “Cross-partisan” motions of no confidence Against the French government, also signed by the legislators of left the oppositionin response to the controversial adoption of pension reform.

“Voting on this proposal will allow us to get out of a deep political crisis,” said the head of the Lyot Parliamentary Group. Bertrand Buncher. The adoption of this proposal would topple the government, as well as the unpopular reform that he decided to implement on Thursday without submitting it to a vote of representatives.

The motion was signed by 91 MPs from across parties and announced by the Chairman of the Center and Regional Parliamentary Group, but has not received written support from any Conservative LR MPs, whose endorsements will be required by the time it is voted on. to succeed.

Buncher said in statements to the press at the headquarters of the Assembly, “I regret that he did not sign any of the members of the House of Representatives, but I hope that they will be a large number when it comes to his support.”

“I call on all deputies to take responsibility for protecting democracy,” said the opposition MP, stressing that there is a “deep political crisis.”

Likewise, the far-right party The National League of France He also introduced the blaming motion.

RN legislator, laure lavaletteHe also said his party would vote in favor of all “no confidence motions submitted”, after independents and members of the broad left-wing NUPES coalition made the first such call.

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The regulations of the National Council provide that it is necessary to wait at least 48 hours between the submission of a motion of censure, its discussion and a vote on it, so that – in the absence of a decision by the Board of Directors of the Council – as soon as possible. Possible starting from Sunday at 14.00 GMT.

An absolute majority is needed to bring down the government, Which means collecting 289 votes, which is currently 287 votes because there are several vacant seats.

Other opposition parties announced yesterday that they would submit their own motions of censure. This first party also has left-wing parties as signatories.

far right leader, Marine Lépinehad offered that he would give his opinion but would also vote for everyone else, even if from the left, to overthrow the executive power of the Prime Minister, Elizabeth Bourne.

Far-right leader, Marine Le Pen. Photograph: Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters

Le Pen stressed that “the important thing is not who submits the proposal, what is important is the fall of the government.”

President Emmanuel Macron has not spoken publicly at the moment, nor has he shown himself on social networks.

In no less than six French cities, new demonstrations took place this afternoon in order to continue the protests that began yesterday in Paris and elsewhere against the approval of the pension reform by decree.

the Protesters blocked traffic in Paris On Friday as angry pundits, political opponents and trade unions across France slammed the president’s decision, Emmanuel Macronto force a bill to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 through parliament without a vote.

Demonstrators gathered in front of the French National Assembly to protest the approval of a decree to reform the pension system in Paris. Photograph: Pascal Rossignol/Reuters

Macron asked on Thursday Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne To exercise a special constitutional power to pass unpopular pension reform without a vote in the National Assembly, the lower house of the French Parliament.

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His calculated risk angered opposition MPs, many citizens and unions. Thousands demonstrated on Thursday Concorde SquareIn front of the association. As night fell, the police attacked the protesters in waves to clear the scene. After that, small groups moved to the adjacent streets of the elegant neighborhood heavenly fieldsWhere they lit street fires.

Similar scenes were repeated in many other cities, from Rennes and Nantesin the east of the country Lions and coastal city MarseilleIn the south, where the windows of many shops and bank offices were smashed, according to French media.

Talk to the radio station RTL On Friday, the Minister of the Interior said, Gerald DarmaninHe said that 310 people were arrested overnight and that the majority of the arrests, 258, took place in Paris.

Unions that have organized strikes and marches against the government’s plan said there would be more mobilization in the coming days. They declared that “this pension reform is brutal, unfair and unjustifiable to the working world”.

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne looks on during a debate on the pension reform plan at the National Assembly in Paris, France, February 17, 2023. REUTERS/Sarah Messonnier

Macron has introduced changes to the pension system as a top priority in his second term, saying reform is needed to prevent the fund from entering a deficit as France, like many other rich countries, faces a decline in pensions. The birth rate and increase life expectancy.

The president decided to invoke the special power during a government meeting held minutes before the scheduled vote in the National Assembly, as there were no guarantees it would go ahead. Senate He had given the go-ahead for this measure before Thursday.

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The opposition demanded the government’s resignation. If a motion of censure, which would require an absolute majority of the House, goes ahead, it would be the first successful motion since 1962 and would force the departure of the executive, as well as withdraw the plan.

Macron could re-elect Bourne, if he so chooses, and a new government would be appointed. If the application is rejected, it will be considered that the pension reform has been approved.

(with information from AFP and EFE)

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