Fernandez’s response to Lacalle Beau and Benitez for criticizing Maduro – News

President Alberto Fernandez has questioned the economic sanctions applied to Venezuela and rejected criticism of the government of Nicolás Maduro emanating from his peers from Uruguay Luis Lacalle Pou and from Paraguay Mario Abdo Benítez.

“The problem of Venezuela must be solved by the Venezuelans,” He crossed after leaders questioned the Maduro government over the suspension of opposition leader María Corina Machado as a presidential candidate as part of a judicial investigation.

“The problem of Venezuela must be solved by Venezuelans and not by other countries by getting involved in their internal problems. And the best way to do that is by restoring dialogue between Venezuelans who today are in a very difficult situation as a result of those sanctions that they have received and that are detrimental to the people of Venezuela,” he stated. The President did so within the framework of the Mercosur Heads of State Summit held in Puerto Iguazu, in the province of Misiones.

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In the same vein, accompanied by President Luis Inácio “Lula” da Silva, who will take over the bloc’s presidency, Pro Tempur stressed that he supports the Brazilian leader’s idea of ​​assessing the situation from “a deeper and broader perspective of the bloc.” Conflict in Venezuela”.

After questioning Abdou Benitez and Lacal Pou, Alberto Fernandez highlighted the work he had done to promote the dialogue table between the opposition and the Venezuelan ruling party and invited the partners of his bloc to participate.

He stressed that “Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and we are staying. If we really want to help the Venezuelans, let’s sit at this table.”

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Regarding the criticism of Corina Machado’s situation, the head of state said: “It would be blessed if all those who disappeared join, if we want to help, let us sit down so that they can dialogue again and until they regain the fullness of their rights.”

“I did these things as the president of Argentina and not as the interim president of Mercosur,” he commented in an apparent swipe at the Uruguayan president, who maintained that when he assumed the presidency of the space he had no support.

For the Argentine president, the Venezuelan exiles are the result of economic sanctions.

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For his part, Lula da Silva promised, in a more conciliatory tone, to invite Pedro Sanchez, who assumed the presidency of the European Union (EU), to advance the agreement with Mercosur.

In addition, he confirmed that he did not know the details of the Venezuelan candidate’s case and conducted the discussion between the partner countries, although he claimed that “no one should be left aside.”

Before assuming the interim presidency of Mercosur, da Silva revealed that after his visit to Pope Francis, he promised to call the President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, to discuss the church, after the head of state invited that mobster to the institution.

Finally, Lula da Silva and Alberto Fernandez shared the family photo that featured Iguazu Falls in the background.

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