This is how the most powerful cars in the United States are tuned

“My love for cars and trucks comes from my birth‘, speaking in perfect Castilian Spanish Dave Sparks, known as heavy d, A sweet big guy from Utah who is starring in a reality show diesel defFrom Discovery with a friend Dave Kelly Rightly nicknamed Diesel Dave. He’s in New York ready for program interviews with his wanderlust buddy who we see on cable every Tuesday at 8:10 p.m. in the iron segment. “In 2002 we started the business of buying cars at auctions, repairing them and selling them. We also started modifying others, adapting them to all terrains. And in 2013, when we already had our YouTube channel, the folks at Discovery watched us and contacted us. They told us that their audience really loves cars and wants to put on a show. So we started appearing on TV‘, explains proudly Heavy Di, one of the so-called Diesel brothers.

weekend: We imagine a lot of exposure represents growth for your company.
Dave Sparks: The growth was phenomenal! In 2014 we made more or less $5 million and now we’re $30 million. We started the two alonewith the other dave, and help mexican mechanics, In a garage of about 300 square feet (about 28 square meters). Now we have 80 employees And a very large workshop We adapt to trucks. We grew up online at first, but the show put us in front of everyone. Before, the people of Argentina, of all South America, did not know us. Now because they saw us at Discovery.
W.: Did they have a formal educational path or were they self-taught?
DC: Our goal was to learn to multiply (Not literally.) does not have a specialty certificate; We left high school and went to work. We had to learn by our own efforts.
W: Why do they like diesel so much?
DS: For me everything should be diesel. Few know that the popularity of this fuel is only increasing now in the United States. In South America, diesel has been around all along. I am happy to try to let people in my country know how it works. I love it for the power it providesThe power, the sound the engine makes, the smell in the environment, everything!

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0903_diesel- dave

W: What is your favorite part of the truck tuning process?
DS: we We make trucks for a purpose, they have to achieve something: either Climb a mountain, cross a river, pull a trailer And that not only do they look good, they can do whatever we want. After we finished them, we tested them and are very happy to see them do the job.
W: How do you speak Spanish well? where did you study?
DS: I lived in Bolivia for two yearsin its northern neighbour. I have worked almost all over the world. Also Dave and I speak Portuguese (lived in Brazil). I love South America, it has been my home for a long time. I was sent in the woods. But the message has really changed: in those days it was sharing the gospel and now it’s spreading love for diesels.
W: What does freedom mean to you?
DS: Freedom is my life, that’s what I do. I work every day for freedom. We are living the American dream: We have our own businesses, our families, and we do the things we love every day. Freedom to do what I want.

0903_diesel- dave

W: And the other Dave, Kelly, What does freedom mean?
Diesel dev: Freedom the ability to do whatever you want, Owning a company like ours, doing what we love and living the all-American dream.

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