This is how Eduardo Bolgar tried to bribe the judge who registered it and had to go into exile

to the left. Andres Rodriguez Cays, former judge in the municipality of Osiacure, Atlantico. to the right. Convicted former senator, Eduardo Pulgar.

This Friday, June 25, the Supreme Court of Justice sentenced former Senator Eduardo Pulgar Daza 58 months and 25 days in prison for abuse of influence of a government employee in a disproportionate competition with the offense of bribery. In 2017, Polgar met with a judge from the municipality of Ossiacure, Atlantico, to make a bribe offer so that his ruling would benefit. Luis Fernando Acosta, who was seeking control of the Metropolitan University of Barranquilla.

This story came from the hand of the journalist Daniel Coronel who on June 12, 2020 published a column titled ‘Thumbelina’ and there revealed the moves of the then-senator from La U in favor of his friends.

The summary revealed that the crime committed by the senator in question would have taken place before his re-election as an MP in 2018.The senator’s name is Eduardo Pulgar, he is a member of the La U party, and he went to go back for the benefit of his friend Luis Fernando Acosta Osio, the leader of the group that through questionable maneuvers managed to achieve control of the Metropolitan University of Barranquilla, and also intends to stay with the Acosta Pendik Foundation and the Metropolitan University Hospital. The three institutions pay 80 thousand million pesos annually.Coronel Books.

In this first column, it also explains how and when the bribe was given. The journalist says that it was one day in 2017, at the time, Eduardo Pulgar in his first term as a senator, invited, Ossiakore Municipal Judge, Atlantico County, Andres Rodriguez Cays.

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The meeting took place amid certain doubts from the judge, who decided to record the hearing. In this first column, Coronel has revealed a portion of the audio recording in which Senator Polgar is heard giving a performance.:

“Don’t screw it up, I want to plead with you to see how you can help me, because this is business. This is business. I tell you the truth… This is business. This must stay between the three of us because men are worried. Moreover, men tell me: If you Go there, I’ll go, but ideally they won’t say anything.”

In addition, Pulgar boasts of his good relations with officials in the national government and asserts that he needs help with a “play” that includes a play close to him with the Metropolitan University of Barranquilla.

In the audio recordings revealed by Coronell, you can also hear the moment the parliamentarian proposes how much the judge should do Responsible for the benefit of his friend Luis Fernando Acosta and thus remains in control of that educational institution.

“If men are wise. If I say hi doc, this capsule is worth 200 bar. He tells me: What time and where? So, to speak clearly. I’m telling you the truth. This is business… I guess… I don’t know, if you want to talk to yourself”Senator Eduardo Polgar would have said.

The judge recorded the bribery offer and left the country

Judge Andres Rodriguez Cases left Colombia for Canada after the scandal was exposed. The former judicial official, who was due to appear in November 2020 at a Zoom Supreme Court hearing, has requested political asylum in the United States due to threats against his life.

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The judge then declined the offer and this was also recorded and revealed by Coronell. “Let’s see, Senator, in principle I accepted the meeting here this morning through Mayor Ronald, but I am a very serious man. You talk to me about business, I’m not with that. Let me listen to you. Let me first explain to you why she’s coming over there. Ronald approached me this afternoon and said to me Doctor but why Yusakuri? Ronald, you know Usiacurí is moving, he’s handled sensitive guarantee cases, I’ve handled sensitive cases there”, listen.

The former judge took office at Usiacurí in September 2014 and remained until October 2018, spending at least another year in office. After meeting with Senator Polgar. The lawyer also worked in the judicial branch of the city of Neiva, his hometown, where he held the positions of office secretary, judicial assistant, clerk and chief assistant.

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