This is how Cine Colombia performed at its reopening after more than a year of closing

Cinema Colombia reopens at Portal 80 Shopping Center. Photo: Colprensa/Alvaro Tavira.

On June 15, one of the most important film companies in the country It reopened its doors after more than a year of closing. After several reopening announcements, Cine Colombia has decided to welcome fans of the seventh art with strict biosafety regulations, seven premiere films in theaters and a wide selection of food and services.

The opening of Cine Colombia is part of the opening process that the city started on June 8, with most economic sectors in the capital beginning to operate without time limits, despite complying with relevant biosafety protocols and capacity measures.

This Saturday, company president Mounir Falah spoke with Radar Blue Radio about what it was like these days of the audience in the rooms, the strategies they used while closing spaces nationwide and preparing to be able to. I welcome it to the citizens.

It has been several months since the reopening, Adaptation to all protocols and all security requirements for our employees, the public and the infrastructure.” Falah expressed.

In the dialogue with national radio, the president of Cine Colombia recalled how the time had come to make the decision to shut down the operation of the company completely, “It was very difficult, we had just arrived from Europe and we had a lot of tact and understanding of what was happening and what was going to happen. When we arrived we made the decision to close immediately and prepared ourselves for a long time.”

It was very hard on the staff and we were closed for 15 months.

Regarding the staff, he explained that “We have presented a large number of employees with an alternative plan to avoid such heavy losses in their homes. From home, we have put together a team that will maintain the company at the managerial and financial level,” Falah said.

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He said that the employees were paid in full at first, then some were sent on gradual vacations and after their return they continued to be paid “we did something very satisfactory that we introduced a large number of employees (though this was to extend) an economic plan for those who They wanted to join voluntarily.”

However, to maintain the company and with the idea that the brand will not be forgotten, Mounir Falah expressed their opening Three companies: cars, homes with all the food and the digital platform. What we were able to do with that was be able to keep the Cine Colombia name in the minds of the Colombians and that was one of the goals we had.”

He pointed out that the company was able to employ about 300 young university students who were already employed.

Similarly, the Route 90 project which started in January 2017 with the aim of bringing cinema to the municipalities where it did not exist before- It has reinvented itself by connecting markets in vulnerable areas of Bogotá, transporting sanitary items to hospitals and clinics, and showing free films in neighborhoods of the capital. So that people can enjoy the magic of the seventh art of calm and security by their own windows.

Cinema Colombia reopens at Portal 80 Shopping Center. Photo: Colprensa/Alvaro Tavira.
Cinema Colombia reopens at Portal 80 Shopping Center. Photo: Colprensa/Alvaro Tavira.

We wanted the audience You will find cinemas in better shape than when they closed on March 14, 2020. We were even perhaps the first company in the country to shut down the entire operation.”And the Head of the company selected on Radio Blu.

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He stated that they are very satisfied with the reopening because they are so strict with biosafety protocols, “We are below what the government has allowed, and that’s what we wanted to start with.”

He emphasized that the staff are talented and trained to comply with the power and control of the people who come to the theaters and that hygiene in all places is impeccable.

“A large number of tickets are purchased through our new online portal, about 20% or 25% from the ticket office. Of course, these people don’t have to go through the box office. Likewise, a few lockers are used (so there is a bit of a slowdown) but we do it on purpose so that there are no crowds”, The head of Cine Columbia explained at the station.

Regarding the sale of food items such as sweets, nachos, soft drinks and sushi, Mounir Falah said that there are specific signs to separate the line. “Likewise, in cinemas there is an air intake system that is constantly replenished, the capacity is very low, and it is handled by 50% of the audience.”

Falah said about the attendance in the first two days of the reopening That nearly 40,000 people attended Cine Colombia cinemas across the country, on 320 screens and 45 complexes in 15 municipalities in Colombia. “It’s an interesting size that we haven’t seen in a long time.”

Finally, in an interview with Blue Radio, the company’s president emphasized that “We’re on the right track, people are comfortable in the rooms and we hope to see a bigger volume soon.”

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