LoL: Riot previews the most anticipated event and hints about new skins in an amazing trailer

This year’s big event is about to come League of Legends. What was hitherto unknown was finally confirmed by Riot Games with a stunning trailer that caught the developer off guard and this gives us the first clues as to how the plot presented at the start of the season will progress. Desolation approaches the summoner’s rift to bring us One of the biggest events in the history of the game.

Riot is giving the first signs of the next big event

Although there is still a few weeks until the La Ruina event arrives on the live League of Legends servers, the first movie released by Riot Games gives us some details about and shows the future of the title. Fog progress in Dimasia. An event that would attack one of the great capitals of Runeterra in what appears to be the first part of this continuity entitled “The first to fall“.

This is how the new trailer for the upcoming League of Legends event was presented

At the moment, what meaning this position could have for the future of the plot is unknown. However, the primary movie starring LucianAnd the Cinnamon tree s Vigo It allowed us to see traces of this dark cloud when attacking heroes. For example, it is enough to bring a case Karma, which after its possession in the cinema came under the control of the Destructive King, having acquired the appearance of this subject which became, at least temporarily, its true form.

So it seems that A few heroes from Dimasia could be the next to follow the path It started with other possessed characters. A first event that will unleash a plot that will not end soon and will bring with it the greatest integration of gameplay and history in the last years of League of Legends.

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As expected, the event will start from the next day Patch 11.14.2. According to the official calendar, this arrival will be around July 8 and we know that, at least, we will have the Ultimate Spellbook game mode.

New clues found in game files indicate that the Crash King event is imminent. An option that can bring new champions to League of Legends ahead of schedule and start the most anticipated event of the year.

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