This is how AI that can detect breast cancer faster works

Explain artificial intelligence. (Photo: The Informatic Chapuzas)

This is ensured by research published in The Lancet Digital Health Artificial intelligence It will help detect breast cancer with a higher success rate than health care workers alone. Although many may regard this as an “attack” on the knowledge of these professionals, the results remain to be seen. This artificial intelligence was created with the aim of saving lives.

It uses artificial intelligence in the tests it developed Stick. The latter is a startup, and everything seems to indicate that it will be very successful in the near future. statistically Vara AI is already used in a quarter of breast cancer screening centers in Germany; The country of origin of the company.

This is how Vara’s AI works

From the MIT Technology Review, they commented that AI currently has two modes:

– with the first, She can analyze the x-rays on her own.

In the second figure, it helps to distinguish Results that appear normal and that may reflect a patient’s health problem.

Of course, for the final decision, the AI ​​sends its results to the radiologist. In this way, the sample can be analyzed more comprehensively, Thus avoiding false positives by artificial intelligence.

If the samples sent contain traces of cancer that were not noticed by the doctor, The AI ​​will send an alert for a new exam.

The AI ​​results were then compared with 82,851 other mammograms from different centres. Plus the second study wasn’t part of the first, so Intelligence agencies did not know the proposed data in advance.

Artificial intelligence.  (Image: Reason)
Artificial intelligence. (Image: Reason)

Vara diagnoses in real life

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Radiologists who examine mammograms are known to miss 1 in 8 cancer diagnoses. It’s totally normal that we’re talking about humans. Aspects such as tiredness, fatigue, and other personal problems can affect the diagnosis.

However, with the help of Vara’s artificial intelligence, Radiologists showed a 2.6% improvement in detection. Of course, this only applies to x-rays related to breast cancer. AI can detect details that radiologists often miss in any of the above situations.

Currently, It is well known that AI is not able to detect cancer on its own. In fact, when he tried to do it, he got worse results than when the radiologists themselves did it. naturally, It can detect signals that may develop into cancerous tissue in areas of the breast.

but this is not all. By detecting people who do not have signs of cancer, It significantly reduces the workload of medical professionals. Help is much appreciated when you have to browse through hundreds of files every day, every day of the week.

The doctor checks for breast cancer with an x-ray.  (Photo: BBC)
The doctor checks for breast cancer with an x-ray. (Photo: BBC)

Are the results Fara calls natural or unreliable?

So it looks. According to Tilo Tollner, MD, a breast cancer radiologist at a center in Germany, “Normal is always normal.” In this way, he admits to spending more time dissecting positive results of IQ than what he describes as “normal”.

Today, AI is already being used in specialized cancer detection centers in Germany. also, This year saw his appearance in a major hospital in Mexico And another in Greece.

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The plan, of course, is to bring this revolutionary intelligence to every corner of the world, and it is gratifying to see what these technologies take for humanity.

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