He spent $ 400 to find out why his dog was limping, and the answer surprised everyone

The dog who fell out of sympathy for its owner (Image: Adobe Stock)

Bill is dog The protagonist in a video clip that went viral in recent days. Reason? She did not support one of her front legs, limping like her ownA man walked down the street on crutches with a plaster cast of his leg.

“I’ve invested £ 300 in vets and x-rays fees Nothing bad happens to him. It’s just sympathy. I want it”, English Russell Jones wrote in the post that continues to add likes and comments.

It turns out Bell, from London Lorscher, was mimicking his limp owner, YuN behavior that can occur in animals such as dogs.

According to the location Cesar MilanThe famous Whispering Dog, there are a number of other mimic creatures within their species. People imitate others. Birds imitate other birds. Non-human primates such as monkeys and apes imitate others in their group. But dogs not only imitate other dogs, they also imitate what we do. What’s even more surprising is that they do so even when imitation does not help them.

The reason is that dogs are herd animals. As part of a group, The dog wants to adapt and behave like the others around him And dogs do this by observation and imitation.

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Russell Jones lives in Houdesdon, England, and broke his ankle while working as a window cleaner. They put his leg in a cast and informed him that he would have to use crutches for at least seven weeks.

After the checks, the vets ’conclusion was overwhelming:“ His dog is limping for imitation. They told him he was doing it out of sympathy for you.

That was not all. Russell’s wife, Michelle, recounted in an interview I suspected there was nothing wrong with the dog because when he was with her he could run at full speed Using all four legs! But when her husband appeared, the dog was limping again.

To confirm suspicions, guy Bill took a walk with an electric skateboard. “While walking, Bill walked normally. We realized he was limping out of compassion. He was copying me because I was on a cast,” Russell said daily Mail.

Jones also said that a lot of people have been worried about their pets yet Virus “Limp by Tradition,” so he decided to share other videos of the dog. “I had to give him another post Swim and jump near the river until people see it’s okayHe commented in an interview with the English Language Program This morning.

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