The actor who plays Arthur Morgan supports the community in the case of Red Dead Online

Roger Clark wanted to send a message to the fans after the funeral that took place yesterday.

Roger Clarkactor who put human voice to the legendary Arthur Morgan From Red Dead Redemption 2, send a Message to the community From Red Dead Online support it After that, Rockstar decided not to release any other major updates. This decision has been made To focus more resources on GTA 6.

The actor who plays Arthur Morgan on Twitter sympathized with the community with the following words: “Although today he sympathizes with me, I know that This community will never dieClark is a very active Twitter user. In fact , Tends to answer some users Who appreciate his performance as Arthur Morgan.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will continue to be received online Small updates and minor changes, but it will not include great content, As was the gift last year. Today we told you what it was like Many players bid farewell to Red Dead Online’s funeralA fact that embarrassed fans of this title.

Regarding all this, a Rockstar insider pointed out The next generation version of Red Dead Redemption 2 was to be canceled Favor Grand Theft Auto 6 development. In addition to that too GTA 4 remake and first Red Dead Redemption have been paused after what happened GTA trilogy.

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