Things happy people have in common, according to science

happiness It’s a state of mindoften combined, which can cause Contentment, joy and fulfillment. One study found recurring patterns in people who go through periods of happiness.

According to the investigation in Loretta GrazianoWho wrote the book Happy Brain Habits, there are 6 things we should keep in mind when we are in this state of mind. Find out here what happy people have in common.

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Science: The six common factors of happiness

After analyzing the lives and habits of several individuals who expressed happiness, common factors were found. Then we tell you what it is:

1. Live in the present

It’s one of The most important factors, but it is difficult to fulfill. Those who do can have fun now. Likewise, not being aware of the past or future allows us to enjoy life better, without so many worries that are beyond our reach.

2. Exercise

Doing activities releases hormones Dopamine, Serotonin And Endorphinswhich generates greater Feeling of luxury. In addition, exercise directly affects our health, making us feel better.

Physical activity allows you to activate more than 50 different hormones. (Source: Archive).

Prioritize time over money

This is another factor that is often complicated. Many people hold the idea that money This is the main thing to be happy. However, the ideal is Prioritize time and relationships To additional financial gains.

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You have few friends

Science has proven that those people who have some friends They usually have A more fulfilling lifeBecause they are more solid relationships. Although having friends is synonymous with happiness, having many friends does not mean we can feel this way.

Learn how to surrender or let go

Those people who can Giving up or leaving things They easily understand operation happiness. Those who succeed in applying this know that nothing lasts forever, so they can face changes better.

Spending quality time with friends or family helps create stronger bonds. (Source: Pexels)

Money as a resource, not a goal

study Loretta Graziano He noted that people who have money, but are not obsessed with it, tend to be happier than those who do. On the other hand, it has been proven that the richest people are not happier than others who have fewer resources.

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