They travel through Latin America and are now in Catamarca

June 30, 2023 – 5:42 PM

Nicholas and Rosio are two famous travelers who are called “Routing across Latin America“, they are both married and live on the Atlantic coast in Buenos Aires. For 7 years they travel from April to November precisely, in Renault Kangoo, since the months they do not tour the country, they do different jobs in construction or a bakery in the city where they live In it and on the trip they sell incense sticks and handicrafts.

The goal this year is to tour Bolivia, but about a month and a half ago we were there Catamarca. We have been traveling with Rossio for the past 8 years and in the past 3 years we have always passed through CatamarcaIn the words of the young man.

On the other hand, Nico explained “we are lucky because there are many campsites in Catamarca, with bathroom and electricity. But in other unorganized provinces we sleep at the foot of the mountain, in Canggu”, among other things. In addition, he notes that they have visited the Ipizca Dam and the Cuesta de Los Ángeles and are now in Santa María.

In this sense, the boy highlighted the kindness and warmth of the Catamarca that people give him. “The other time we were in the field—in San Jose—talking to a boy and he selflessly brought us a sack full of nuts,” he said.

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ANECDOTE in Catamarca

Considering all the trips, Niko recalled a story in our province, when they came down from the Ipizca Dam, they had a problem with the truck door and the locksmith from Capital helped them by solving the problem and explaining how to solve it. When it was time to pay, the man told them “nothing”.

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About his Catamarca tour

“There’s nothing we don’t like about Catamarca. Not to flatter it, but it’s one of the most organized and scenically diverse provinces out there. We love Catamarca, not a single complaint,” Niko said. Dialogue with Ancasti.

On the other hand, young people seek to explain that “travel” is not synonymous with money, but quite the opposite. In addition, the next goal is to seek income in Youtube.

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