The Canadian fires have made New York City the second most polluted city in the world

the Forest fires They continue to consume a lot of plants in them Canada This causes the Polluted Air Come to the United States, specifically to New Yorkthe city that really was It was declared the second most polluted region in the world.

cities New York And Washington, DC. The sun with air pollution indices of 142 and 120, respectively, received which Means that air health It can affect allergy suffererswith Respiratory problemsAnd children and the elderly.

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the Bad air quality Hence the government Joe Biden referred to residents that city Avoid doing activities On the streets for a long time, some Schools have chosen to teach virtual classes and the the elderly communicate with Use of face masks.

Smoke at ground level and air quality who keeps arriving unhealthy levels In many parts of the state, we’re cheering New Yorkers on to take precautions to Protect your healthThe ruler stated, Cathy Hochul.

despite of Issuing alerts and attempts to prevent People go out into the streetpollution levels they are not “too bad” As they were at the beginning of the month, when it was reported that they were under a purple code And agate (more dangerous) that The city was kept under a veilbecause buildings like the Empire State Building or the Capitol Building were not noticed.

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It is located in Canada Nearly 500 active fires And since the beginning of 2023, the fire has consumed eight million hectares, which is much higher than what it “usually” burns in other years..

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the local authorities indicated that this is Worst fire season forests in Modern history of the country Because of the climate crisis.

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