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from Rio de Janeiro

In the final stage towards the elections in Brazil, things are going, but not in the direction Jair Bolsonaro expected. Roberto Jefferson, a politician associated with Bolsonaro for a long timeHe was under house arrest, and he was promoting all kinds of provocations – he even called a minister in the Federal Supreme Court a whore – until the court decided he should go to prison.

When the police began searching for him, Jefferson responded by firing dozens of bullets at the patrol cars, and also threw two grenades, injuring three police officers. He resisted for several hours, until he ended up giving up. Bolsonaro said he never takes pictures with Jefferson, and that he’s not his boyfriend. Dozens of photos of Jefferson very friendly with Bolsonaro have even been published.

The Minister of the Interior was sent by Bolsonaro to do some kind of mediation, making this incident a state issue. A journalist from Globo was seriously attacked by Bolsonare.

This Monday, after an eventful weekend, polling for the presidential election of one of the trusted pollsters, IPEC, was known, with Lula’s best result since the first round, when Lula got 5 points – which later dropped to 4-.

In the new poll, counting valid votes and still without measuring the negative consequences for Bolsonaro of this latest incident, Lula got 54% of the vote, Bolsonaro 46 with a difference of 8 points. Thus, Lula regains the upward trend, less than a week before the vote.

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