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Wednesday 07 September 2022

legislators Claudia Contreras (JSRN) and Facundo Lopez (JSRN) They submitted a project proposing to declare Bariloche a regional capital of science, technology and applied research.

Among the foundations of the initiative, Contreras noted that Bariloche is “recognized nationally and internationally for its contributions to science, technology, development and innovation,” adding that it has the main institutions dedicated to these branches.

Highlighted A large number of scientists, researchers and technicians who reside in the city. In this sense, they argued, the city had a “history of work, commitment, and effort” that had lasted for more than 60 years.

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Similarly, in the draft submitted to the legislature, the parliamentarian emphasized that after the creation of the Balseiro Institute and the Atomic Center in Bariloche, other institutions of great importance were created. Scientific and technological importance such as INVAP, ALTEC, UNCOMA, CONICET, INTI, INTA, INIBIOMA, Fundación Bariloche, among other things. He also stressed the importance of the regional forensic laboratory.

It is worth noting that in the city there are also many research centers and institutes that rely on Conicet from the Universities of Comahue and UNNN.

Contreras stressed that “when we talk about science and technology, we must appreciate the political will of the former governor Alberto Weretelnik to create the Bariloche Industrial and Technological Park (PITBA), It is a scientific and technological ecosystem that stimulates the creation of related companies and which is in continuous development and growth in our city with great success.”

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At the same time, he stressed that it is “very important” that Bariloche is chosen as the venue for the 2027 International Specialized Exhibition “, ” he said.

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