They promote the country’s tourist destinations in the UK

Nicaragua was promoted as a tourism destination by government officials at the Latin American Travel Association’s Lata Road Show / Tourism Tour, which was attended by hundreds of operators and travel agents, in 3 of the UK’s major cities, Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester

The tour showed, in each of these cities, the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism, our destinations, itineraries, attractions, products and all that the land of lakes and volcanoes has to offer the visitor, its natural beauty, rich history and multiculturalism. Websites and videos at

The trip ended with the participation of operators and travel agents in a contest to get to know our country, in which company representatives won not only travel and travel consultants.

Over a hundred tour operators and agents were interested in the colonial towns and admired our volcanoes, and fascinated by the islands of Granada and Ometepe, as well as the skiing/sandboarding activities on Cerro Negro, stating that it was a new and very attractive activity for young British travellers.

They were also amazed to learn more about the history, culture, islands and beaches of our Caribbean coast. They also mentioned that the Nicaragua Tourist Map website and the VisitNicaragua YouTube channel have excellent content and their desire to take part in a journey to get to know our country and our people and to be able to offer our customers an ideal destination.

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