These are the 10 most watched series on Netflix in May 2023

during this May, Netflix It has premiered many Spanish and international productions that anticipate a big success, Either because spin off from other series, such as Queen Charlotte, because they are new seasons Or simply because it is the first show.

In this fifth month of 2023, they are retrograde four spanish series, While the rest are foreign productions. according to Flex Patrolwhich collects files Audience data From streaming platforms, this was it The ten most watched series in Spain during the past 30 days.

1.- “Queen Charlotte”

Prequel set in Bridgerton World It premiered on May 4 and has remained “Top 2” of the platform in Spain throughout the month. production period, which was The most watched series for two weeks Respectively, continue to enter into ranking in 89 countries around the world. Another hit from Shonda Rhimes.

2.- “Dr. Garcia’s Patients”

league Original from RTVE It arrived on Netflix on April 28, twelve days after premiering on La 1. Despite the fact that They don’t harvest good data from the audience On the public channel, the production based on the novel by Almudena Grandis has remained among the five most chosen by users of the streaming platform since its premiere.

3.- “Welcome to Eden”

A week before the Spanish series hits Netflix, a file the second season From this special production of the platform that was already a smash hit when it premiered last year. Not only that but Keep adding more and more viewers.

Heroes of “Welcome to Eden”

4.- “The Dance of the Fireflies”

At the end of April he also arrived another sequel, This time from the American production, which Netflix users really wanted to see. The series stars actresses Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke It was the fourth most watched in the month of May and it really was Six weeks in the “Top Ten”.

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5.- “Silence”

the last Spanish production From the platform on Netflix for just over a week (premiered May 19) But it has already become one of the biggest hits of the year, being Fifth most watched series This May, including Most consumed in the last two weeks on the platform.

Aaron Piper in The Silence

6. – The Bridgerton

Yes Queen Charlotte It was the most watched series, key chain Don’t get left behind. Although the second season of Royal Adventures is back March last year ‘Spin-off’ means that the series based on the books by Julia Quinn has returned to Further enhance your success after one year.

7.- “Kisses, Kitty”

the Korean production From Netflix itself hit the screens May 18th It is already a worldwide phenomenon More than 90 countries. It is set in the universe To all the boys I fell in love withWritten by Jenny Han, Who is also the creator of this series.

8.- There is no heaven without breasts

The original series from Telecinco It was first shown in 2008, But fifteen years later he’s still successful, and to be exact second season, who was too most watched out of production at that time. Amaya Salamanca (Which also gets into the “Top 10” with Welcome to Aden) And Miguel Angel Silvestre They are still alive.

sweet tooth
sweet tooth

9.- “Sweet Tooth”

the the second season From the fictional series for the first time April 27th And after a month he stayed Among the most viewed In Spain (and in the world). Based on Comedian Jeff Lemire One has already been confirmed The third and final season which will be released in 2024.

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10.- “The Diplomat”

Series starring Keri Russell It has been on the platform for over a month but still Survived in the “Top 10” All these weeks. The miniseries about the US ambassador to the UK was indeed one of the Most Viewed Products on the platform during the month of April.

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