There are already more than 1,000 dead

a A 6.8 magnitude earthquake hits Morocco Friday, according to United States Geological Survey (USGS). It’s about to the deadliest in six decadesby causing More than 1,000 dead And Hundreds of woundednext to destroyed buildings and homes in mountain villages where rescuers searched the rubble for survivors.

he Ministry of Interior mentioned 1037 deaths And the? 672 They showed up Wounds As a result of the earthquake that struck the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

he The epicenter of the earthquake was in the city of Marrakesh Although it was so strong that it was even felt at some points Spain. in Seville And in some provinces Andalus He was also seen as having grown up in Morocco.

in Marrakeshthe Residents spent the night outdoorsAfraid to return to their homes. In the same city, local television showed pictures Debris on smashed cars.

The strong earthquake that occurred in A 10 kilometers deep Provocation He is afraid among the Moroccans They captured this moment with their mobile phones. And share it in social networks.

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the system pager affiliate US Geological Surveywhich provides preliminary assessments of the impact of earthquakes, issued a orange alert For economic losses when assessing the probability of significant damage, as well as a Yellow alert for possible earthquake-related deaths.

“The people of this area live in structures that are highly vulnerable to seismic shocks.”He said US Geological Survey.

A Twitter user recorded the moment when an earthquake started to be felt in a leisure center and all the people inside ran quickly and were very scared.

background in Morocco

Morocco It witnesses frequent earthquakes in its northern region Because of its location between the African and Eurasian plates.

in 2004At least 628 people died and 926 were injured when the earthquake struck Al Hoceimain the north-east of the country.

Earthquake in Morocco.mp4

In 1980, an earthquake occurred Its strength is 7.3 tons In the neighbor Algeria It was one of the most devastating earthquakes in modern history. It left 2,500 dead and at least 300,000 homeless.

Condolences and offers of help

he Pope Francisco He expressed his condolences over 800 dead Following the earthquake that shook Morocco last Friday night, and its epicenter was near the tourist city of Sousse MarrakeshAnd a lot Spain how France They offered them cooperation.

“The Pope expresses his deep solidarity with the victims of this tragedy.”mentions A has been sent To Morocco for Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin.

for this part, Spain Offered to send Rescue teams To Morocco, announced the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albarez. The European News Agency quoted the minister as saying: “Spain has made available its ability to rescue Mariokos, if it deems it necessary.”

The same thing happened with French minister from a foreigner, Catherine ColonnaWho expressed on his social network X “Symbiosis” With “Morocco and the friendly Moroccan people” after the “horrific” earthquake that rocked the country on Friday night.

Even the French president Emmanuel MacronOn a full trip to New Delhi, where he will attend the G20 summit, he expressed his opinion “Shocked” by the tragedy. He confirmed that “France is ready to help first responders.”This was in a message that was also published on the social network X, formerly known as Twitter.

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