The Xbox app on Smart TV is real, and it really has a history and these are its keys

Microsoft talks about its plans to expand Xbox Game Pass, and improvements to Windows 11 and EDGE.

If Microsoft introduced only a few days ago Your Xbox Chromecast to bring experience Cloud games and Game Pass To a larger group of devices, Redmond devices have now surprised by announcing Xbox app for smart TV (Currently Samsung) which is opening its gaming offerings further to a larger audience.

On June 30, the Xbox app opens on Samsung TVsWithout the need for an additional console or peripheral device, people all over the world will have access to “hundreds of Xbox GamePassTo achieve the dream of “building a platform that can reach billions of players, regardless of whether they play on console, PC or via Xbox Cloud streaming,” in a scenario “players with any device must be able to find content,” Phil Spencer said. , CEO of Xbox, “They want to play.”

Microsoft ensures that the transition to this new service will be simple and will be used in a very similar way to any other application of this type that we can find on Smart TVs. They also assure that you can enjoy these games using xbox controllers via bluetooth Once the service starts the next day June 30. The message is clear. “You will be able to play hundreds of video games from the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate catalog” on your TV without the need for a console, and this also includes other titles such as Fortnite.

Xbox also announced that this commitment to cloud gaming on any device expands its visibility into new areas, specifically Argentina and New Zealand. In addition to confirming the rumors Xbox Game Pass demos.

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Windows 11, Edge and video games

Xbox Game Pass picture

The news does not end here. Microsoft also talked about some of the upcoming updates that Windows 11 and the Microsoft Edge browser will receive, with developments such as improving the gameplay in windows to provide a better gaming experience while optimization tests run in the Windows Insider Program. Among the most important of them is a new application that allows this HDR Calibration (HDR) and latency improvement On Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) screens.

The same way they search to improve Microsoft Edge as an alternative platform for delivering content – news, game guides, broadcasts, tournaments, etc. – and resource optimization which it uses, in both Windows 10 and 11, so that the games we can enjoy run smoothly and quickly.

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Xbox Design Lab will also expand the customization options for its controlsThe latest news in this group of ads dedicated to the structure of his service interests Xbox Design LabConsole customization tool. New customization options will be incorporated as well as a wide range of new colors to use CUSTOMIZE OUR CONTROLLERS. Likewise, the service will be relaunched soon and within 11 new countries It includes Europe, Asia and Oceania.

These developments are a small preview of what’s to come The much-awaited Xbox show that will take place in a few days, with news related to the new Xbox series and PC games. It will not be the only scenario in which we will discover the future of the video game because there are many Other summer events that promise big announcements.

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