The World Health Organization and a new recommendation for groups at risk

Dorit Nitzan, Regional Director of Emergencies in OMS EuropeToday, it is considered that the level of Vaccination coverage in priority groups, including those over 60, health workers, nursing home workers and chronically ill patients, remains low in many countries.”

Vaccines have been shown to be effective in preventing serious diseases and deaths; More cases in these priority groups means more hospitalizations and deaths. That is why we urgently need to vaccinate all priority groups.”

“For the epidemic to end, we must Increase vaccinations quickly equitably in all countries, supporting vaccine production and, if necessary, sharing doses to protect vulnerable populations in each country.”

“We must continue until the follow-up Health, social and health measuresIncluding testing, sequencing, tracing, isolation and quarantine. In addition to washing hands, wearing a mask, and keeping a distance in crowded and closed places.”

The World Health Organization, finally, summoned to look into it “Travel is not without risks” And it is necessary to do this safely, following the indicators collected under the hashtag #SummerSense for the regional office WHO for Europe.


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