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How do you get it? It is an instant messaging app that currently has more than 3000 emojis on its platform; However, he learned that next September will arrive a new Among them: “the face that makes the military salute”, “the hands that make up the heart”, “the lip that bites” and “the pregnant man”, etc. Find out in detail about the upcoming 2021 icons that you can send to your friends, family, partner and even co-workers.

Ago attachments to the podium In 2018, the classic emoticons were thought to be forgotten, however, these yellow emoticons are so popular that when you update the Facebook app, it brings you a new pack of emojis for you to enjoy. Here we tell you more about it.

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as you remember, The WhatsApp It contains more than three thousand emoji in the following categories: emojis, people, animals, nature, food and drinks, activities, travel, places and things, symbols and flags; And while it is not yet known exactly in which department the new emoticons for version 14.0 of Emoji will be found, it was possible to know that they will officially arrive on September 14, it was reported. .

It is important to clarify that this list that we will show you below is preliminary, that is, it will be subject to change until next September. Also, commemorate “World Emoji Day”, which takes place on July 17 every year, a vote will be held to find out the most anticipated symbol in 2021. To participate in the vote, you must go to the following .

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List of possible official feelings

  • happy face melts
  • Face with open eyes and pass it over his mouth.
  • The face that covers the face with the hands and appears to the eye.
  • The face of the military salute.
  • A serious face with lines around it.
  • Happy face, tears in his eyes.
  • Hands with intent to salute left and right.
  • shake hand.
  • Hand over something by hand and hand over something.
  • Biting the hand with the fingers.
  • The hands that make up the heart.
  • Pointing hand.
  • King.
  • Pregnant man or pregnant transgender woman
  • lip biting;
  • Ogre and coral.
  • Pink flower and nest with eggs and without eggs.
  • seeds.
  • a cup of water.
  • slipping.
  • Tire keeper and life.
  • An eye in the palm of the hand.
  • The field of disco music, battery and crutches.
  • X-ray, bubbles and ID card.
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List of possible symbols for 2021 (Photo: Emojipedia)

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