The Urdangarin-Borbón family is spread throughout Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom

Urdangarin-Borbón has three countries. While the father rushes for hours to return to the city where he was born, his wife Infanta Cristina is officially residing in Geneva. There he works for the Aga Khan Foundation. He is expected to visit the Basque Country more often to reconnect with his partner. He had previously visited his father, the Honorary King of Abu Dhabi on several occasions. Infanta lives in a residential neighborhood in the Swiss city with Irene, the couple’s youngest daughter, who is still in high school.

The first-born, Juan Valentine, is a mystery. At the age of 21, it hardly turns out that he has lived in Madrid for the past few months to support his father, whom he is very close to. He is believed to be studying international relations and a few months ago he appeared in the news for his volunteer work at Entreculturas, which is affiliated with the Society of Jesus.

After spending part of puberty between Hanover and Nantes, Pablo followed him in the wake of his athletic father, who was even an Olympian. This 20-year-old boy is training with Barcelona’s second handball team. He combines his sporting dream with his studies at the prestigious business school in the European Union, where he usually goes with a Blaugrana backpack over his shoulder.

The third in the saga, Miguel, has just reached adulthood. And he did it in London. A good and “interesting” student, he will enroll in marine sciences at one of the city’s universities.

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