Now they want to fire the judges

History is unforgettable. The chief court’s first ruling on the corruption of the Kirchner was issued in the days in which the government was confronted
The worst political crisis due to the unfair distribution of vaccines against the Coronavirus.
The social rejection of the privileges of VIP vaccinations (which could mean the premature death of some Argentines) had an important expression yesterday at a new afternoon of signage. The lack of control in administering the vaccine benefits friends of authority, a common practice in Kirchnerger.
Lazaro Baez had been sentenced three days earlier because he had laundered the many millions of dollars he collected from it
Always generous country with friends.
Corruption and vaccinations at the same time and place. The mixture is harmful. Bayes would end up in jail with the harshest sentence.
Christina Kirchner waits for the guillotine hour. Bayes’ mistake has no forgiveness from God or the judges. Things might have been different if they had been done differently. Public works paid and unfinished. Millions of dollars of Báez counted in Puerto Madero to the delight of revelers. There was a coincidence in those same days of scandals and sentences. Is there a coincidence? It happens sometimes; Other times, the conspirators are right. Coincidence was that in those same days
About 200 judges and prosecutors have been ordered to retire.
Many of them condemned the corruption of the Kirchnerseren. Others are friends of those who rule. But they cannot make exceptions if they want to appear (they are) legal and unbiased. They pulled everyone against it. The order to clean up the courts from the judges and prosecutors came from the president of Onesys, Arava
Fernanda Rafferta. Is it Christina Kirchner’s decision
Alberto Fernandez, or both? If I were president, I would have made a political fatal mistake. In these ways, his judicial reform would never leave Congress.

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theory the war She collapsed with the sentence by Bayes. The evidence that he has accumulated is overwhelming. Bayes collected from the state to complete the public works with the additional fees and progress that would have allowed anyone to become a state builder. But the state pays white money. You cannot push black. Bayes had to turn what was white into black. He did with trout bills from AFIP in Bahia Blanca, for example. He then takes the money out of the country and later returns it to pay what corresponds to his partners in Kirchner. The Kirchner family was forced to turn what was once black to white For this, he rented Bays-free hotels and buildings himself. These are the Hotesur and Los Sauces cases, which are still awaiting oral proceedings. Ibn Baez said: “On the previous crime (washing) Christina.” This was the circle of that scandalous story. Báez’s precedent is terrible for the slow verbal trial being conducted on public works, in which Christina Kirchner is involved, as well as for that of money laundering in hotels and the buildings of the powerful family. Two judges of the oral court indicated that Bayes’ money laundering was linked to corruption in public works. A third judge confirms that this is unknown to him. The appeals chamber has to decide whether the majority or the minority annulled it. The Supreme Courts of Justice are obligated to support judges in times when they have to make difficult decisions while they are persecuted by Kirchnerism.

When he speaks, the boss has to put down a chalk and an eraser. The old professor is challenged even by his students. History is neither forgotten nor forgiven

This is the moment when the case of dozens of judges who have been intimidated by retirement comes into play. Ironically, with the self-confidence of the Kirchnerian in power, a fighter from the Christian faction confessed to an inactive judge anywhere: “It would be a great victory for us if only 30 or 40 judges left.” He combined in a short sentence the full purpose of the new ambush of the Judges. Close associates are over 60 years old and are of retirement age and have started or ended their retirement procedures. However, none of them resigned to retire. They simply have finished or completed the process by the time they decide to leave the courts. “There is a lot of anxiety and anxiety among us because we don’t know in what circumstances we will retire,” says a senior judge. That state of mind that some describe Moral fatigue It can be noticed easily. The court will not allow judges to be intimidated into retirement. It is verified. Christianity has touched two main pillars of judges’ calm: Your stability and your salary income.

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The constitution indicates that a judge is no longer a judge for only four reasons: resignation, death, effective retirement after reaching age, or dismissal due to poor performance of his duties. To put it in simple words: No one can ask a judge to resign before they turn 75, which is the maximum limit set by the Constitution. Although the constitution protects them, the government obliges judges to prove that the constitution protects them. Political and legal dyslexia. A separate case is the case of corrupt or hardcore judges, but theirs It is not a pension problem. It is the result of the excessive political formation of the Judicial Council (a creature of then-Senator Christina Kirchner), because it prevents the cleaning of justice from corruption and militancy.

According to a list of judges published by OnSys herself, five judges must leave the Cassation Chamber, the country’s highest criminal court. Almost half of that camera. Two judges from the crucial Federal Criminal Chamber should also retire, allowing Christianity to colonize that state that oversees the administration of federal judges investigating corruption. Among the judges appointed is the President of Cassation. Gustavo Hornus, And the President of the Federal Chamber, Martin Irurzon, One of the most notorious judges in federal courts and also one of the most hated judges by Christianity. No important judge will leave, after all. If they get to where they paddle against the many judicial and media processes that have subdued them Christianity, it is impossible to imagine them leaving their places just because a junior official persecutes them by threatening to plunder their retirement.

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Incidentally, the ruling party led an intense media campaign against Judge Hornus because he visited him occasionally
Mauricio Macri in the villa in Olivos when he was president. Hornos explained to his colleagues that he had a social relationship with the former president and that he had not spoken to him about specific court cases. Last Wednesday, the Kirchner attack returned when the forensic justice judge returned
Alejandro Slocar
He formally requested another plenary session of the cassation to discuss the Hornos case. He was accompanied by judges close to the ruling party
Angela Ledesma and Anna Maria Figueroa.
Most understood Horn, although some have stated that all judges must maintain basic caution. Visiting Hornus Macri several times is considered a crime for Christianity. The current president, Alberto Fernandez, is a personal friend of many of the judges and has met some of them.
Do not judge that.
He was not sentenced when the cassation judge nominated to interview Carlos Zanini, an influential collaborator with then-president Cristina Kirchner, for informing him of the decision that two of his colleagues were preparing on the warrant issue with Iran.
Complete betrayal, forgive Christianity.

In this scenario, the president appeared and gave his opinion on the ongoing legal cases. The constitution forbids them. Law school students urged him to discuss the crimes committed in the vaccination of dignitaries, which the president does not recognize. When he speaks, the boss has to put down a chalk and an eraser. The old professor is challenged even by his students. History is neither forgotten nor forgiven.

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