The United States will rescind the mandatory nature of the Covid vaccine for international travellers

The US has lifted Covid restrictions for international travellers

The White House reports that the United States will end mandatory coronavirus vaccination for international travelers and federal officials on May 11.

“Today we are announcing that the (President Joe Biden) administration will end Covid-19 vaccine requirements for federal employees, federal contractors, and international air travelers at the end of May 11, the same day it declared a public health emergency (due to a pandemic),” This came in a statement issued by the White House, according to the European Press news agency.

The statement adds that the country established these requirements For international travelers “In order to slow the spread of new variants entering the country and to give our health care system time to effectively manage access to health care if it encounters increased cases and hospitalizations.”

The rule will apply from May 11, 2023
The rule will go into effect from May 11, 2023

The US health authorities also announced the end of vaccination requirements for teachers or health centers, while the White House confirmed that these measures “reinforced vaccination across the country” and its vaccination campaign saved millions of lives.

“Our administration’s vaccination requirements have helped ensure the safety of workers in a critical workforce, including those in the health care and education sectors, protect themselves and the populations they serve, and enhance their ability to deliver services without disruption to operations.”Washington argues.

He adds that “although vaccination remains one of the most important tools for improving the health and safety of employees and enhancing workplace efficiency,” the current situation is a “different phase” of the response, so that “these measures are no longer necessary.”

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