The United States: The Catalonia Dialogue Focuses on the Attack of the People’s Party and Fox against the Government in Congress

09-15-2021 Head of Government, Pedro Sanchez (1), and Head of Government, Pere Aragon (D), meet in Palau de la General before the second meeting of the dialogue table between the central government and the government. The Catalan government, on September 15, 2021, in Barcelona, ​​Catalonia (Spain). Sanchez and Aragon today opened the new stage of the dialogue table to resolve the so-called “Catalan conflict”. This new meeting comes at a particularly critical moment for members of the government, who are mired in a dispute that has left Gonets out of negotiations with the central executive for the time being. Politics David Zorrakino – Europa Press

Plenipotentiary Conference seeks for Chamber to declare referendum “unviable” and to ensure that bilateral forum will not have “legal effects”

Madrid, 19 (European Press)

The recent meeting of the dialogue table between the central and Catalan governments focuses on a large part of the questions that both the PP and Vox intend to put to the executive branch at the next plenary session of oversight in Congress, which the President, Pedro, will not attend. Sanchez, for his travels in the United States.

“Does the minister support the commission of crimes as a legitimate democratic way to put the government on the negotiating table for independence?” It reads the question recorded by the People’s Party spokesman for the Constitutional Committee, Eduron Uriarty, in the House of Representatives for the position of Minister for the Presidency, Felix Bolanos.

His colleague Vicente Petoret wants the government spokeswoman and regional policy minister, Isabel Rodriguez, to clarify “what the government is negotiating at this table that cannot be discussed in Parliament.”

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Bolaños and Rodriguez were among the ministers who formed the government delegation that attended last Wednesday the second meeting of the dialogue table on Catalonia, led by Presidents Pedro Sanchez and Pierre Aragon.

Does Dazz support the celebration of the referendum?

For his part, Vox directs two of his questions to the first and second deputy prime ministers. Thus, its spokesperson, Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros, wants Nadia Calvino to say “what do you think that the Spanish flag was raised last Wednesday in Barcelona before the appearance of Aragon”, and the “second-placed”, Macarena Olona, ​​is seeking Yolanda’s request . Diaz to confirm whether she supports a referendum for self-determination in Catalonia, as the independents demand.

Likewise, the party led by Santiago Abascal will also question the government about the measures the Interior Ministry plans to implement to protect the state security forces and organs, which will lead to a vote on the corresponding proposal a week later.

In the same plenary, a question is also reserved for the Junts spokeswoman in Congress, Miriam Nogueras, one of the people who made up the list that Carles Puigdemont’s men wanted to come to the table before Aragon objected to not including members of the government.

You will be asked about a board policy that has been checked

However, in the statement of the question that was taped to Congress for the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande Marlasca, he did not, from the outset, make any mention of the dialogue table: “Does this government think that independence is terrorism??”.

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In addition, the People’s Party will put a motion to vote, as a result of the interrogation it submitted last Wednesday to the head of regional policy, through which it seeks to urge Congress the government to recognize that “legally and politically unworkable, now and in the future, any self-determination referendum could Promoted by the Generalitat”.

It also hopes that the government will declare an “inseparable commitment” to the constitution and equality between Spaniards, commit to ensuring that the dialogue table “has no legal effect” and confine its institutional relationship to the general. envisaged. In Magna Carta and the Statute.

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