From the ring to the government palace: Manny Pacquiao announces his candidacy for President of the Philippines

Manny Pacquiao (Reuters)

Boxer Manny Pacquiao officially announced this Sunday that He will be a candidate for the 2022 Philippine presidential election for the leftist Democratic Party of the Philippines – People’s Power (PDP-Laba), promising to govern with “fairness, compassion and transparency”.

“I am a fighter and always will be a fighter in and out of the ring,” Pacquiao said during his party’s national convention, held in Quezon City, where he was officially nominated after gaining support from a group of regional leaders.

“In my whole life I have never backed down in the fight, for the principles, for the honor of the people. I rose, stood and fought,” he added, according to Philippine TV channel ABS-CBN.

Pacquiao highlighted his experience and proximity to the poorest Filipinos as part of the qualities that make him a good president.

    (Photo by Patrick T. Fallon/AFP)
(Photo by Patrick T. Fallon/AFP)

“Those who ask about our abilities, have you ever been hungry? Without food? Borrowing from the neighbor or waiting for leftovers from the cafeteria? He argued.” Do you know the feeling of a Filipino fighting a boxing? To beat the opponent who is bigger and stronger to buy food? ‘, Refaat. “Do they know the hardships you’ve been through, and do they know how tired you are?”

The boxer, who is best known for his twelve titles in eight different categories of boxing, promised to fight poverty and corruption and warned that the population had “waited a long time to see progress”. It is time for the oppressed to triumph. The time has come for our people who have fallen into poverty to recover.”

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The PDP is divided between those loyal to Pacquiao and those loyal to the current Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte, after a difficult confrontation between the two factions. Indeed, in Pacquiao’s works, the traditional emblem of the party with the pentagon and the hand extended in front of what is known as the “Duterte fist” has been restored.

Pacquiao began his political career in 2010 as an MP for Sarangani Province. After two terms, he ran and won a Senate seat in 2016.

    Photograph: Eric de Castro/Reuters
Photograph: Eric de Castro/Reuters


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and Manny Pacquiao, who was former alliesThey find each other Clashes over control of the ruling party in the Philippinesthat will hold presidential elections next year.

The pro-Pacquiao faction of the ruling Democratic Party of the Philippines – People’s Power (PDP LABAN) replaced Duterte as leader of the formation at the end of August and expelled three of its allies from it in a decision rejected by the rival sector. Which he called “comedy”.

The split in the party is visible online, with its website still maintaining Duterte’s image as leader (chief), while the formation’s social networks are in the hands of Pacquiao’s side.

“PDP LABAN appoints Senator Coco Pimentel as leader of the (party) National Assembly,” read in the formation profile on Facebook.

FILE PHOTO: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte REUTERS/Eluisa Lopez/File Photo
FILE PHOTO: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte REUTERS/Eluisa Lopez/File Photo

The party’s Twitter account shared an article supporting Pacquiao as the next presidential candidate in the elections scheduled for May.

The Secretary General of PDP LABAN, Melvin Matibag, stated by Duterte that “Senator Koko Pimentel has no position in PDP LABAN. He is irrelevant and does not represent the party.”

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in this meaning, He stressed that “President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is the leader of the PDP LABAN party. “It is now and will remain so,” the Philippine News Agency quoted a statement carried by the Philippine News Agency.

(With information from EP and EFE)

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