The United States rejects the ambitions of the United Kingdom NATO

One of the great promises Britain’s exit from the European Union It was to reach a free trade agreement with the United States. But the lack of such agreement was evident. Moreover, the special relationship between London and Washington is not going through its best moment after what Joe Biden considered “great insolence” when preventing Ben Wallace’s candidacy.And The current British Minister of Defence, in his capacity as Secretary General of NATO.

The British Minister enjoyed great popularity thanks to his participation in the high-level role of the United Kingdom in Strengthening the resolve of NATO in the face of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, he did not have the support of Germany and France, who were pressing hard for a successor Jens Stoltenberg He comes from a country in the European Union. It appears that Biden was in favor of turning his back on London. According to the “Telegraph”, senior British officials felt “great disappointment” with the American decision, which they feared sent the wrong message to the Allies by ignoring a British candidate, One of the seven military bloc members out of 31 who spend 2% of GDP on defence.

The snub is now likely to affect London’s support for Washington on other international issues, including Taiwan independence. According to the British newspaper, the White House initially favored Mette Frederiksen, the Danish prime minister, who is supported by France and Germany. But things calmed down after he failed to impress Biden during his visit to Washington. The head of North America considers that the current situation does not allow time for beginners, so He pressures Stoltenberg to stay for another year.

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Many Allies want a woman to be appointed to the highest position in NATO for the first time and believe it should only be a former head of government. Kaja Kalas, the current Prime Minister of Estonia, is a favorite of some, however not supported by Paris and Berlin, who see it as too aggressive with Russia.

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