The agreement with the European Union, access to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, and the US-China dispute: a key man’s vision of Larita

Fernando Stravis

Straface indicated that Argentina could regain its leadership role in Latin America. to

At the opening of the 40th Annual Conference of the Institute of Financial Directors, Secretary General and International Relations of the city, Fernando StravisHe noted that “Kirchnerism has depleted Argentina’s reserves of international trust at a time when the world is looking back at our country because it needs our engines of growth: food, energy, minerals, tourism and knowledge-based industries.”

Together with Diego Cazorla, President IAEF And Jorge Martín, President of the Congress Organizing Committee, Stravas – the advisor in the shadows of Larita – co-opened the meeting, analyzing why trust is an essential pillar of development. “Lack of trust is a major problem in Argentina and throughout Latin America, and at the same time it is a central issue affecting development. Without trust, there are no state policies,” he said.

  • In his presentation, Stravas noted that the international context offers Argentina a new opportunity to follow a path of development that, however, will not last for 30 years.
  • “To turn this opportunity into a real development horizon for the country, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta proposes a plan that generates three shocks: a shock to stabilize the economy and generate pro-growth reforms, which will continue under a political shock, and a shock of international confidence,” he said.

“The change that Argentines need requires leadership capable of rehabilitating the reformist force and generating a political supermajority, an expression of a social mandate, to consent to and sustain the transformations over time. This is a proposition Horacio Rodriguez Larita To put Argentina on the path of development,” Strafasi stated.

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With regard to international inclusion, the Secretary General and the Secretary of International Relations indicated that it is necessary to restore a foreign policy in the service of development strategy. For this, he suggested that Argentina could regain its leadership role in Latin America, with the defense of democracy and rights as a precondition for the country’s development potential.

He also noted that pragmatic geopolitical integration capable of overcoming the growing conflict between China and the United States is essential.

Finally, with regard to trade and investment, he emphasized that the priorities are to relaunch Mercosur, restore a strategic relationship with Brazil, and move forward with the EU’s Mercosur agreement and with the process of reaching it.Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

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