The United States is asking its citizens in Russia to leave the country immediately

He recommended, “US citizens should immediately consider leaving Russia with the commercial options that are still available.”

The European Union announced, on Sunday, that it will close its airspace to Russian airlines, following in the footsteps of Canada, the United Kingdom, Norway, North Macedonia and Iceland.

Several airlines have also announced measures: Lufthansa and Air France decided to temporarily suspend flights to Russia or overfly its territory.

The embassy also noted that the State Department discourages Americans from traveling to Russia, particularly due to the “potential for harassment” in the country and targeting “arbitrary application of domestic laws.”

The US request comes on the fourth day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last Thursday, which alarmed the international community. So far, various countries, especially the European Union, have taken action against Moscow due to the military incursion.

Separating Russian banks from the Swift financial system, closing the airspace to Russian Airlines planes, and freezing the assets of businessmen and leaders linked to Putin are some of the decisions taken this weekend, with the aim of stopping the aggression against Kiev. .

Meanwhile, Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Zelensky on Sunday accepted Russia’s invitation to negotiate the border with Belarus, although he was skeptical about the outcome of the dialogue. Talks between the belligerents will begin on Monday.

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