The United Kingdom joins several countries in banning the use of Tik Tok on official devices

he UK Parliament The British government agreed to ban the Chinese Tik Tok application on all official devices associated with both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, in line with the decision taken by the British government last week.

The social network will remain “blocked” on parliamentarians’ bodies, According to a spokesperson for the institution who stressed that “cyber security is a priority,” without going into further details about the specific reasons for this action, according to Sky News.

in this way, Legislators who want access to it Tik Tok They must do so from personal devices And they are not connected to the parliament’s internet.

Fear has grown in the West about the possibility of TikTok being used as a Trojan horse To promote pro-Chinese advertising or collect user data, But Beijing denounced that there was a hidden political intent behind these series of vetoes without any real technological justification.

The UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has already warned that he will scrutinize the steps taken by the ‘allied’ governments, and his administration has finally followed the line of others such as United States, Canada or India. In the British case, it happens that some ministries, such as the Ministry of Defense, have official accounts on Tik Tok.

US ban on Tik Tok

he Chinese government He expressed concern about the possibility of the United States forcing the Chinese company ByteDance to do so Get rid of the popular app Tik Tok He warned that he would be “strongly opposed” in such a case. “Forcing the sale of TikTok will seriously damage the confidence of investors around the world, including China, about investing in the United States,” said Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokeswoman Xu Guiying at a press conference.

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In this sense, the representative of the Chinese Ministry indicated that the sale of or Divesting Tik Tok means exporting the technology and administrative licensing procedures according to Chinese laws and regulations. “If the news is true, China will firmly oppose it.” She stated, noting that “the Chinese government will make a decision in accordance with the law.

TikTok CEO Xu Qiu is scheduled to appear before the US House of Representatives Committee on Commerce and Energy this Thursday to Addressing different issues Including allegations that the Chinese app could be used to spy on US users or to pay propaganda for the Chinese Communist Party.

Last February, the US administration ordered the removal of Tik Tok from all official devices, prompting the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to do so Indicates that the United States violates the “concept of national security” And his special powers to punish foreign companies.

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