The United Kingdom has proposed to France joint patrols to stop the crossing of migrants in the English Channel

The United Kingdom proposed to France joint patrols to reduce the crossing of migrants in the English Channel

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson proposed to French President Emmanuel Macron, A plan to ‘go ahead and faster’ in measures against migrants crossing the English Channel, with measures such as joint maritime patrols to prevent ships from leaving French shores or a bilateral repatriation agreement.

This was expressed by Johnson in a letter to Macron that the British Prime Minister himself released Thursday evening via his social networks, in which he came. He pointed to five points that countries should consider “to redouble efforts” to tackle the migration crisis.

In response to Johnson’s proposals, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin He withdrew an invitation from his British counterpart to attend the European meeting on migration in Calais.

In the letter, the prime minister proposed the implementation of “reciprocal maritime patrol operations in the territorial waters of the other party,” and the French president also called for the deployment of “more advanced” technology – including sensors and ground-based radars – while He called for “reciprocal aerial surveillance by manned and unmanned aircraft, possibly flying under a common emblem.”

Johnson He also urged deepening the work of the joint intelligence cell through “better exchange of information in real time.” To carry out “arrests and trials on both sides of the channels”.

This week, 27 people died trying to cross the English Channel
This week, 27 people died trying to cross the English Channel

It was confirmed in this context London will be ready to start conducting joint patrols “from the beginning of next week”, “to expand on it later,” because he sees this as the one that requires “more urgent progress.”

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On the other hand, Macron urged the establishment immediately Bilateral readmission agreement “allows the return of all illegal immigrants crossing the canal”.

“This is amazing It will have an immediate effect and will significantly reduce, if not braked, crossovers, Save lives by breaking the criminal gang business model.”

In this regard, the Prime Minister wrote a series of tweets in which he insisted “the speed of return (illegal immigrants) arriving in this country (UK), “It will greatly reduce the incentive for people to put their lives in the hands of traffickers.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson sent a letter to President Emmanuel Macron calling for mutual air control.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson sent a letter to President Emmanuel Macron calling for mutual air control.

“This is dangerous. The biggest step we can take together is to reduce the attraction to northern France He stressed that it breaks the criminal gang business model.

British authorities They will head to Paris on Friday for talks with the French government, As British Home Secretary Priti Patel heads to Calais on Sunday, some thirty people were killed off its coast this week while trying to cross the border into the UK, an event that has prompted countries to consider new measures against the migration crisis.

French press He echoed a letter from Darmanin to Priti Patel asserting that this letter was a “disappointment”.“Worse of all” for its publication, which prompted the minister to cancel the reception in Calais on Sunday after 27 migrants died in a shipwreck as they tried to reach the UK.

Macron said he requested “extra help” from the UK on Thursday, When the authorities revealed that pregnant women and children were among those who died when a ship sank In transit to the UK on Wednesday.

President Macron asked not to use the tragic situation for political purposes
President Macron asked not to use the tragic situation for political purposes

In addition, Johnson stated that it was Ready to elevate this meeting to a full summit of the leaders of France and the United Kingdom.

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for this part, On Thursday, the French president called for “stronger European cooperation.” to combat the smuggling of migrants.

Take advantage of France’s presidency in the European Union, in the first half of 2022, Macron also wants to propose reform of the Schengen areaWhich allows freedom of movement, by imposing greater control on internal borders, according to sources reported by the station Europe 1. In this way, Paris will assume the changes it was initially hesitant about and that would require unanimity to move forward.

(With information from Europa Press)

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