UK to punish whistling at women in the street

British House of Commons (lower) On Friday, he approved a bill punishable by up to two years in prison Street sexual harassment, including whistling, blocking traffic, making derogatory comments, or following someone because of their gender.

The legislative proposal was sponsored by the former Conservative Minister Greg Clarkwill now go to the House of Lords and is expected at the end It has become law, since the government expressed support for the initiative last December.

Although the call The sexual harassment bill aims to change attitudes towards women, and its content applies equally to men.

When introducing the legislative text, Clarke emphasized that about “History day” He wondered how it was possible that this type of harassment was not already classified, in the same way that derogatory and abusive comments are made based on race or sexual orientation.

“For the first time in our history, deliberately harassing, stalking, shouting derogatory words, and making lewd gestures at women and girls in public — and yes, sometimes, men and boys in public — because of their gender, with The Tory MP said that a deliberate intent to cause them panic or distress would be a specific and serious offence.

“The surprising thing is that it hasn’t been like this until now.”he added.

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