The UK revealed that Russia attacked a grain cargo ship in the Black Sea with missiles

View of a grain terminal with a grain silo in the port of Constanta, on the Black Sea (Romania) (Reuters/Anca Cernat)

Last month, the Russian military attacked a civilian cargo ship in Black Sea with “Multiple missilesBritain said on Monday, citing intelligence, that Ukrainian forces had successfully intercepted it.

A ship belonging to the Russian Black Sea Fleet launched the missiles, which included two cruise missiles. CaliberTowards the port of Odessa in southern Ukraine, on August 24, according to the British government.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) said declassified intelligence revealed that the intended target was a Liberian-flagged cargo ship anchored there.

A grain ship transporting Ukrainian grain in the Black Sea (Reuters/Serhiy Smolentsev)

He added that Ukrainian air defenses responded to the attack Civilian ship None of the Caliber missiles reached their target.

“Despite its failure, this is clear evidence of Russia’s ongoing attempts to strangle the Ukrainian economy,” the State Department said in a statement.

The Russian president was accused Russian President Vladimir Putin“Contempt for civilian lives” and an attempt to “weaponize innocent food and trade at the expense of the rest of the world.”

The Black Sea has become an increasingly volatile region after Russia withdrew in July from a grain deal sponsored by the United Nations and Turkey, which was intended to ensure the safe navigation of civilian ships.

Commercial ships waiting to cross the Bosphorus Strait (Reuters/Umit Bektaş)

Since then, Moscow has repeatedly attacked Ukrainian port infrastructure, in what Kiev sees as a cynical attempt to do so. Harming its exports and undermining global food security.

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Referring to the alleged attack on the civilian ship on August 24, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, in a statement to Parliament during the G20 summit held last weekend, said that it showed “how desperate Putin is.”

He added that the Russian attacks on Ukrainian facilities destroyed more than 270 thousand tons of grainPointing out that this is “enough to feed one million people for a year.”

“Ukraine has the right to export its products across international waters and has the moral right to transport grain that helps feed the world,” Sunak said.

The operation in Boyka towers near the coast of Crimea

Ukrainian military intelligence (GUR) announced today that Kiev forces have regained control of four oil and gas extraction platforms located near the Black Sea coast of Crimea, which had been under Russian control since 2015.

“Boyka Towers” are platforms for oil and gas extraction near the coast of the Black Sea peninsula of CrimeaUkrainian military intelligence explained in a statement. The memo adds: “Russia occupied it in 2015, and since the beginning of the large-scale invasion it has used it for military purposes.”

GUR describes the process in which the pallets were recovered as “unprecedented.” The statement explained that “the attack was carried out by military intelligence units.”

The platforms over which Kiev regained control were named Petro Gudovalets, Ukraine, Tavrida and Sivas.

“During the operation, the special forces were able to seize valuable trophies,” the memorandum says, explaining that Ukraine seized unguided air missiles for helicopters and a radar used by the Russians to monitor the movement of ships in the Black Sea.

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As part of the operation, GUR says, a battle took place between Ukrainian military boats and a Russian fighter, which “was damaged and had to withdraw.”

(With information from AFP and EFE)

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