The Turquoise Mask will strive to make Pokémon Scarlet and Purple a more complete experience

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, from Nintendo.

Pokemon It’s the most successful franchise of all time, at least commercially. Its new concept is constantly renewed and reaches more audiences who enjoy series, movies, video games and merchandising. However, in order for this wheel to keep turning, it is necessary from time to time to update the creatures that star in the series.

This is the situation Pokemon scarlet and purplethe last duo of deliveries for Nintendo Switch, came to propose a ninth generation of creatures set in Spain that would provide freshness for the following years. However, the launch of these titles was quite chaotic due to the huge number of bugs and performance issues they faced, meaning that even in their massive commercial success, these games ended up with a score of 72/100 on Metacritic. What can new DLC bring to this franchise?

Area Zero’s hidden treasure for Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Purple is coming soon! With this DLC, you can continue to enjoy this adventure and delve deeper into the world of Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple. Area Zero’s treasure trove includes the new Uniform Pack, which contains new outfits you can wear right away in Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Purple, as well as two expansions: Part 1: The Turquoise Mask and Part 2: The Indigo Disk. It’s about two parts that end up connecting to tell a story.

Franchise Additional Content Policy Pokemon This came long before downloadable content was common practice in video games. From the beginning and upon request Shigeru MiyamotoPokémon creates two different titles for each generation, with the differences being in the creatures that can be obtained and in subtle changes like different face gyms.

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In this context, the first generation of Pokemon There were four matches: green And redsuch as the primary ones; bluelike the Western version of green; And yellowsuch as additional content. Yellow Pokemon You brought a completely different version of where your initial partner was Pikachu And everything was similar to the anime. This is the idea of ​​bringing a new game that expands the rules of mainstream generation over the next few years, which has great foundations such as Pokemon Crystal (2000) and Pokemon Emerald (2004).

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, from Nintendo.

In 2019, just two years after the phenomenon that represented the launch Nintendo Switchwe were able to enjoy the eighth generation of Pokemon. sword And shield They were the first titles that sought to give a needed touch to the 3D presentation that had not yet fully established itself in the main franchise.

With an easy, childish narration and a combination of Pokemon Classic with open areas that were not fully defined as such, these games received a lot of criticism from the community who felt increasingly dissatisfied with the direction the series had taken after many years of success.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, from Nintendo.

However, the DLC for those games ended up opening up a host of possibilities that were otherwise unimaginable. Was he missing online? New chained co-op raid mode. Were there no legends? Lots of this style to catch. Are the open areas not enough? All DLC will be this way.

Thanks to the good content, arrangements and ideas; Armor Island And Snow crownthe downloadable content of that generation, served as the third game to never be produced and ended up being abandoned Pokemon Sword and Shield Games are more complete than they were at launch.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, from Nintendo.

Beyond the obvious ambition and attempt to listen to society, in 2022, the next generation of Pokemon He received more criticism. carmine And purple They came out very broken, full of bugs, and with many glaring issues that made them one of the worst-received video games in the main franchise; Even with great proposals like the first time we were able to enjoy an open world Pokemon title.

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As we have already seen in the presentations, the first downloadable content for carmine And purple Brings us mini games and awesome themes PokemonGraphical and performance updates, new shooting functions, things that can change the way combat is fought, and of course new creatures that will surely sell many stuffed animals.

Turquoise mask It carries behind it not only the intention of expanding two titles that tried to be the most comprehensive in the franchise but also reproducing the process that took place with the DLC. shield And swordmaking the experience complete and finishing polishing two video games that didn’t turn out the way they were expected.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, from Nintendo.

This isn’t the only DLC these works will include. Indigo disc It will arrive at an as-yet-unspecified time in the near future, and if history repeats itself, it will complete a deluge of content that could serve as validation for these latest installments.

Turquoise mask It will be available on September 13th for Nintendo Switch It is acquired entirely digitally, although if the process of the previous generation is repeated, it will end up getting a physical package with the core games as well in the future. We’ll just have to wait and see if this or the second part of the DLC can finish off the concept of the first part. Pokemon The open world that existed and what new proposals it could offer.

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