The UK is adamant that it wants to keep it in all sports

The sporting world is going through turbulent times and is full of ups and downs regarding one of the most controversial issues that has plagued it in recent times. object Russia And Belarus More than a year ago, since then Russian President Vladimir Putin I decided to do an occupation Ukraine. After more than 365 days, the chaos continues, and there is no concrete position.

He was the last to make his position clear again United kingdom. through your talking minister Culture, media and sportsAnd Lucy Fraser, urging all sponsors who want to be present at the Olympic Games to maintain their position against the presence of any Russian or Belarusian athlete. Also, he wants to extend it to any mathematical method.

A position that completely contradicts the position of the International Olympic Committee. The latter promotes that it is gradually disappearing so that those born within the borders of Russia and Belarus in just under a year and a half can be at the Olympic Games in Paris 2024. However, this idea does not seem to have spread widely among various countries and sports federations.

Lucy Fraser during an exhibition in the British Parliament

UK Parliament

It is a position that has shaken even the presence of a large number of countries in the Olympic Games, since Ukraine proposed the right of veto over the most important event in the world of sports. Even Zelensky himself suggested it, all to avoid confronting Putin and any athlete born in that region. A confrontation that affects many federations, as the right of veto must be withdrawn after the words of the International Olympic Committee.

However, a debate has arisen, with many considering the athletes not to be responsible for Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine. Indeed, in cycling or tennis, they have been able to compete practically since this happened, something not seen in other avenues such as basketball, cutting off the presence of any club from those countries.

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[París quiere vetar a Rusia en los Juegos Olímpicos si continúa la guerra contra Ucrania]

The UK is relentless

The UK has been one of the most emphatic countries when it comes to not giving a single millimeter when it comes to easing measures against Russia and Belarus. A policy that it maintained until very recently within its own territory and one such example had to do with tennis.

Wimbledonalong with other smaller leagues such as Queens also Eastbournedid not allow Russian and Belarusian tennis players to compete in 2022 and was willing to continue in 2023. However, the news progressed before daily Mail They confirmed that they would be present at this release if they showed their impartiality and adhered to a code of ethics.

Reversal related to possible bankruptcy of LTA, the British Tennis Association, which could face 20 million loss in fines. This would have caused a schism in the racquet sport within bounds, but they decided to back off and let there be Daniel MedvedevAnd Arina Sabalenka and company.

However, after announcing it, although not official, the UK once again showed that it was something unofficial and that it had no intention of reversing this situation. He actually left it just over a month ago, signing a joint petition with 34 other countries to keep his veto in place, at least for the duration of the Ukraine invasion.

[Wimbledon se echa atrás con el veto a los rusos y bielorrusos: una decisión motivada por las presiones]

The British government’s words were reflected by the Minister of Culture, Media and Sport, Lucy Fraser. However, a letter was sent to the main sponsors who will attend the Olympic Games in Paris 2024. A decision that makes the public uncomfortable with the situation and pits them against the International Olympic Committee.

“We know how interconnected sports and politics are in Russia and Belarus, and we are determined that the Russian and Belarusian regimes cannot use sports for propaganda purposes,” reads the minister’s speech about the maneuvers they intend to carry out.

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“Having hosted the Games in London in 2012, we know how great it is to host this event and we understand the vital importance of sponsors in making the Games a success,” he explains of his interaction with advertisers present at the Olympic event.

Flag of Russia and the flag of the Olympic Games.

Image Alliance / dpa

In addition, in the text it also indicates that there is a “lack of clarity and concrete detail” and that “no Russian and Belarusian athletes should be allowed to return to competition, no matter how much they compete with a neutral flag. In addition, he urges the IOC to” Reconsider her proposal” and retain the veto.

In addition, this is not the first time he has broken a spear in the said thread. Fraser herself has already left a very clear message in her entry. “There is a danger that the world wants to turn the page and return to the way things were before. However, the situation with Ukraine has not changed since the decision of the International Olympic Committee last February, when the Russian invasion began, and the ban involved the Russians and Belarusians in No competition.”

Latvia, another example

Indeed, Latvians were among those who in the last hours were unsympathetic to Russian and Belarusian athletes. The country’s Olympic Committee withdrew its financial assistance to the tennis player Jelena OstapenkoNo. 25 in the world, for his participation in competitions in which players from prohibited areas were present.

In addition, he was not the only one who was affected by the aforementioned decision of the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia, as others such as cyclists Tom’s scuggs And Christian Nilandsas well as other tennis players, Daniela Fisman And Darga Seministaj Their payments have been suspended under a support program for elite athletes.

Ostapenko, during his first round loss at Roland Garros.

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Pascal Rossignol


The decision to terminate the payments comes after an agreement was reached between LOK and the Ministry to ensure that funds from the state budget will not be allocated to athletes if they participate in sports competitions in which they meet with Russians or Belarusians.Regardless of their status and the rules and decisions of international sports federations.”

And in the case of Yelena Ostapenko, the tennis player participated in the Dubai Championships. There it fell defeated against the Belarusian Arina Sabalenka. For this reason, the motive was to suspend her from said assistance for the future, which they were inactive in Latvia.

Other federations remove it

However, despite the straightforwardness of some countries such as the United Kingdom or Latvia, where Ukraine is a big fan of keeping it, there are others calling for its withdrawal. Although in this case it is about sports federations, because in the case of boxing or tennis, he has already retired.

And now the last one to join them has arrived. For example, the fencing decided to choose the proposal of the IOC and will allow Russia and Belarusians compete after reaching an agreement on a Extraordinary conference. Those born in these regions could be another one in contention from the second half of April 2023, and they might arrive just in time. World Fencing Championships in Milanin July, and will allow them to participate in the qualifiers for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. In addition, it comes on the heels of other sports such as judo or boxing, which have already adopted this option a few months ago.

Undoubtedly, there are two different currents and two different ways of dealing with the ban for Russian and Belarusian athletes. A problem for the International Olympic Committee, which will have to see how to solve the mess and manage to get everyone to agree so they can be in Paris 2024.

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