The Pitanxo is heading to Canada to bring in more experts

the ship Navy from ACSM artabro Vigo left with controversy on 17 May, with 41 people on board. It will be the mother ship that will be responsible for locating the remains Villa de Betanxosank about 300 miles off Newfoundland on February 15, 2022, carrying two ROVs (remotely operated vehicle) to examine the debris.

But it will first go to the Canadian port of St. John’s before embarking on these works, as FARO DE VIGO, of the Prensa Ibérica group, was able to confirm. It’s the same pier where the fishing boat is Mendwina Beach 2 He disembarked the three survivors from the shipwreck and retrieved the bodies.

There he will initiate more judicial experts, Presumably in coordination with the Commission for the Investigation of Maritime Accidents (Ciaim). When the ship left the port of Vigo, it did so with a Ciaim technician, a representative of the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), as observer, and another expert appointed by Central Court No. 2 of the National Court. It is the room that guides the investigation into the disaster.

But he did so without notifying Judge Ismael Moreno first, despite two previous investigations, which led to this A harsh rebuke from the judge to the Ministry of Transportation and Ciaim itself. In this regard, the portfolio headed by Raquel Sanchez alluded to the fact that the commission is completely independent, and that it could not have interfered in this process. The new experts traveled to Canada to take part in the search, site and inspection mission for the Pesquerías Nores Marín.

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The ship’s captain, Juan Enrique Padin, is charged with 21 counts of gross negligence, against workers’ rights, documented falsehood and cover-up. So is the owner of the ship. The first had his passport revoked.

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