The talent and contribution of scientific women and men transforming Veracruz: Gómez Cázarin – Diario de Xalapa

The local deputy said that current Veracruz is transformed by the daily contribution of women and men from various disciplines of science and technology, putting their knowledge at the service of Veracruz to solve the day-to-day problems of the state. Juan Javier Gómez Cázarin, Chairman of the Political Coordination Council of the Local Congress.

Morena legislator said that Congress is offering dual recognition by holding the plenary session of the LXVI legislature in Beirut and specifically inside the San Carlos Castle, a historic and iconic building in the transformation of Veracruz and Mexico.

Gomez Kazarin widely congratulated the medal winner Heberto Castillo Martinez 2022, teacher and researcher Hector Vazquez LilMember of the National Scholars System, for his contributions in areas such as robotics and applied mathematics in engineering, biological sciences and health, with more than 170 published articles in these disciplines.

The JUCOPO leader said that with the support of the community, from its various trenches, Veracruz is called upon to continue being the spearhead in the development of the nation, as it had been since before the colonial era.

Our state is full of historic places, municipalities, and communities that played a leading role in independent Mexico, he said, so the Local Congress will continue to meet in places where the foundations of the state’s social and political transformation have been laid, such as now with Perotti and his castle in San Carlos, completed in 1777.

Cecilia Guevara presented the 2022 Heberto Castillo Martinez Medal. Governor Cuitláhuac García Jiménez and Judge Isabel Ines Romero, Head of the State Judiciary, met with 46 deputies, deputies and deputies in the LXVI local legislature.

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