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from back up We present to you a series of selected episodes from Science statusthe course produced and implemented CiticusMar del Plata digital media dedicated to Scientific journalism.

In every chapter of Science statusA researcher, teacher, or specialist approaches a specific topic from a scientific perspective.

We activate Science Mode and invite you to listen to this podcast course!

Ana Laura Lantieri tells what the political and historical process was like that allowed the consolidation of the Argentine state, describes the relationship between Buenos Aires and the provinces and explains the progress that occurred during that period.

Lanteri has a doctorate in history. She works as a CONICET researcher at the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences (INHUS) and as a researcher at the Center for Historical Studies (CEHis) of the Faculty of Humanities of the National University of Mar del Plata. He specializes in the study of Argentine political and institutional history in the second half of the nineteenth century.

Marcos Zangrande describes different moments in the relationship between cinema and literature, and tells us what the meeting points between writers and filmmakers look like.

Zengrande holds a doctorate in social sciences, a master’s degree in communication and culture, and a bachelor’s degree in social communication. He works as a research assistant at CONICET at the Humanities Research Laboratory (LICH) and a professor at the National University of Arts and the National University of San Martin. The subject of his research is the convergent languages ​​of filmmakers and writers in the transformation of cinema and literature.

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Archaeologist Diana Mazzanti tells how the first peoples of the Pampas lived, describes the places where these indigenous communities settled, tells how they study the distances these groups traveled, and details the contribution of archeology to knowing in-depth the ancient history of the first peoples of this region.

Mazzanti is a doctor of archaeology. She works as a researcher at the Buenos Aires Regional Archaeological Laboratory of the Faculty of Humanities, National University of Mar del Plata. In addition, she was a professor of archeology-related subjects in the same college.

Roberto Sanchez talks about the psychological factors associated with running and how they come into play when people run long distances.

Sanchez holds a degree in Psychology, is a researcher and teacher at the Faculty of Psychology at the National University of Mar del Plata, and a runner. He is the author of the book Jorrer: physical plus mind. Psychological factors associated with running (Yudim, 2019).

María Elena Fernández describes the great value of forests to society and the importance of preserving them.

Fernández holds a PhD in Biology, is a CONICET Independent Researcher at the Innovation Institute for Agricultural Production and Sustainable Development (IPADS), and is a member of the International Laboratory associated with Forestia of INTA and INRAE.

The philosopher Emiliano Dejani tells us about the different stages and approaches to video games by the social sciences and describes the different elements about which cultural studies are interested.

Dajani is a doctor of philosophy. He works as a teacher of Ethics and Metaphysics at the Faculty of Humanities at the National University of Mar del Plata. In addition, he is a member of the research groups “Anthropological Issues” and “Philosophy of History, Epistemology and Semiotics” at the same faculty.

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Silvia De Marco describes the characteristics of wetlands, talks about the ecosystem benefits of these environments and explains the importance of their conservation.

DeMarco holds a PhD in biology. She works as a teacher and researcher at the Faculty of Exact Sciences at the National University of Mar del Plata and manages the Wetlands and Coastal Environment Group at the Institute of Marine and Coastal Research (IIMyC), of the National University of Mar del Plata and CONSET. .

Daniel Calvo recalls the interest aroused by musical attraction throughout history, reflects on the relationship between musical abilities and language and describes the role of a biological perspective in understanding what listening to music generates.

Calvo has a doctorate in biological sciences. He works as a CONICET Principal Investigator at the Institute of Physiology, Molecular Biology and Neurosciences of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences at UBA and CONICET.

José Gallo explains why football is a great excuse to spread physics and describes different situations in the game based on physics.

Gallo is a chemical engineer, educator, playwright, and science communicator. He is a professor of Applied Creativity Technologies at the Faculty of Engineering at the National University of Mar del Plata. He is the author of a book of articles The ball became a satellite And theatrical work Newton in Alice’s dreamsamong other texts.

Marcella Tonello describes the sources of information that provide data on the climate of the past, tells us how fossil pollen grains provide valuable information about climate conditions thousands of years ago, and explains why knowledge of the climate of the past is important for understanding current climate conditions and predicting future climate conditions.

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Tonello has a doctorate in biological sciences. She works as a CONICET researcher at the Institute of Marine and Coastal Research (IIMyC) and a professor at the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences at the National University of Mar del Plata (UNMDP).

Course Science status It consists of two seasons (34 episodes total). Classes are also available in Spotify.

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