Entrepreneur says the key to success in business is “determination, perseverance and never giving up” – El Nuevo Diario (Dominican Republic)

El Nuevo Diario, Santo Domingo. – Entrepreneur and founding CEO of Ace International, Ramon Tavarez Frias, stated that for a person to succeed in business or anything he sets his mind to, he must always “persevere, persevere and never give up.”

He explained that at the beginning of his summer program company, he and his partner entered Santiago’s universities, semester after semester, in the middle of classes, to promote what they were offering, and when they took him out of the educational institution, they changed the shirt and I went back inside.

Tavarez Frias narrated that there was a teacher who did not allow him to enter her classroom. Rather, they went every day, until after two years, the teacher allowed them to enter with the words, “Enter with perseverance and insistence,” and from that moment on, the teacher always allowed them to enter.

Frias, along with Rafael Martinez, owns a company where they give young people the opportunity to work in the United States and do a cultural exchange.

It’s hard to jump into a void, he said, but “you have to find what you love” and then hit it hard “until it spreads.”

On the other hand, he referred to haters as people who imitate, who “can imitate everything, except your dreams.” In the same way, he recommended forgetting them, but always listening to them because they are the ones who “motivate you.” “.

The businessman said: “Haters are the most wonderful thing in life, it is the best thing that can happen to you, that people do not want your progress, because you motivate yourself and bring out the best in yourself.”

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He advised young people who want to succeed to be persistent and patient, and when the business grows, do not go back, but rather “add more fuel to the fire” and put more effort into it.

“If you accept the first person who tells you you can’t, you’re going to fail that day if you’re going to bed. You have to try it 10 times, because you don’t know if your chance will come the 11th time,” Martinez said.

These statements were expressed by Ramon Tavarez Frias on the “Influencia” program hosted by Pedro Guzman and broadcast by El Nuevo Diario Podcast.

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