The secret message that NASA left on the umbrella of perseverance

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picture: NASA / JPL / Twitter

We’ve known for a long time those cool little minds JPL and People love them Hide Easter eggs and hidden messages On their device. sWe’ve talked about a few on board the new Rover perseverance and two days ago when we saw Amazing photos of his landing on Mars, we realize he was there one more time That we have not noticed yet.

When We noticed the parachute landing What or what He had an interesting asymmetric pattern, and me I assumed she would act as a mentor Visually to mission monitors On Earth, that might be true, but there was a lot more to it. It was on the verge of Hidden code.

If there is noLike Watched the landing videos of perseverance as she entered Mars atmosphere, Deserve Deserves all the effort. From here it begins:

The canopy is unfolding In a second 15 seconds drVideo and The pattern can be seen completely:

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picture: NASA / JPL / Twitter

NASA spokesman fell What can You have a secret message hidden somewhere, And that, toTo style it Specifically on the parachute, it was all it took The Internet started to work.

Twitter user Named Embed a Tweet sound I was the first to break the code:

The parachute has the phrase “DARE MIGHTY SHINGS” (something like “Dare the impossible) Encoded on the loops. The phrase is The logo of the Team Tenacity, which can be seen on the walls of the Control Room:

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picture: NASA / JPL / Twitter

The symbol is obtained by reading Red plates As a “1” and whiteboards As “0” it is a 10-bit pattern equivalent to alphabet if we follow simple Numeric order, to where=1 and so on.

Here is another visual diagram of the umbrella icon: If you look at the center, you can see that 4 ” Is “D”, then continue Clockwise to 1, What is that “a”, And so on:

An illustration of an article entitled

picture: NASA / JPL / Twitter

After “DARE” you jump to the next episode (13, M) and continue from there.

The logo was encoded for the first three episodes From the center. The ring External with numeric code:

These numbers appear to be coordinates, 34 ° 11’58 “N 118 ° 10’31” W, which indicate Here:

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picture: NASA / JPL / Twitter

Yes, it is about Dr.The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a house perseverance.

It’s amazing that the team is in JPL/NASA can build a robot With a helicopter on top, he fired an even missileTo Mars, make it land exactly where they want it and still arrive Time to get ready details FunnyS like this.

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