The Sea of ​​Music opens a window to Canada’s nature to reflect …

La Mar de Músicas opens a window on the nature of Canada, guest country for this 28th edition, in the exhibition of Quebec artist Sylvie Bosiris. The exhibition, called Malas Hierbas, can be visited for free until August 30 at the Palacio Consistorial de Cartagena.

This author, who has had his work exhibited all over the world, teaches drawings on photographs that immortalize the majestic and fascinating botany in his La Mar de Arte course. His creative work is the result of the accumulation of lines. Together they evoke rhythms, light, and the movement of their vibrant shadows. Sylvie is one of the Canadian artists who has worked extensively with nature. indicates that it crosses the boundary between extraction and formation.

The exhibition was commissioned by gallery owner Nacho Ruiz. Expert Malas Hierbas describes it as “an intense and exciting project in which the Canadian artist confronts nature using a multitude of resources such as painting, drawing and photography.”


Malas Hierbas at the Palacio Consistorial of Cartagena coincides with another exhibition of La Mar de Arte, Symphony for Rouyn-Noranda, by Vito Conessa of Cartagena. About both exhibitions, the curator explains, “Through these two exhibitions, we get perspective on something really disturbing today, which is climate change. And how humans are an agent of climate change.” Thus, Ruiz explains that “in a way, Sylvie will be the spectator, while Vito speaks of the man who meddles in nature.”

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